The New F#cked Soy Candle Collection Will Put You On The Naughty List This Christmas

BlackCherry has released the candle we have all been waiting for, and that we probably all need at some point, the F#cked Collection.

Stuck for Christmas gift ideas? Looking for something a little unusual and slightly naughty? Well Adelaide label BlackCherry has released a new candle range, which is almost necessary for those who are just pretty much ‘done’.

Say it with a candle, and say it in style, with the new F#cked Soy Candle Collection.

Messy break up? F#ck Him or F#ck Her. Tough time at work or uni? F#ck It. Or perhaps a cheeky and innocent joke for a mate or loved one – F#ck Off. These are just a few examples from the F#cked Collection – see below.

The variety of scents are sure to make your candle-recipient feel better with a mere spark ‘n’ a flame, if their flame is burnin’ low, with nectar and mint, vanilla cream, pink candy, and salted caramel, plus many more.

Lift your candle game and see what the fuss is about down at the new BlackCherry store at 61f Jetty Road, Glenelg, where you’ll find a range of homewares and other saucy candles including; ‘Jingle My Balls’ and ‘Naughty List’, ooft.

And if that isn’t enough of an excuse, on November 14 from 6:30pm until 9pm, BlackCherry are hosting a Christmas party with entertainment, music, ‘sexiness and uber swanky fun’, plus cocktail tastings. You’ll also be able to get your hands on gift hampers stocked with BlackCherry products alongside Red Hen Gin, Sesion Tequila, Firestarter Vodka or LVP Sangria.

BlackCherry will be located by the beach during the summer of 2018 and 2019, so if you can’t get down there in the next few weeks, there’s always time for some post-Christmas shopping.

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