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Schmoove Operator – Cabaret Fringe

Schmoo is a weird and wonderful creature, born of the fertile mind of Hew Parham.


Schmoove Operator Cabaret Fringe 2010Presented by Bloisonberry Productions and the Cabaret Fringe Festival
Reviewed Sat 5th June 2010

Venue: The Hotel Metropolitan, 46 Grote Street, Adelaide
Season: 6:30PM Sat 12th and Sun 13th June
Duration: 35mins
Tickets: $12/conc $10
Bookings for all Cabaret Fringe shows: BASS 131 241 or

Who is Schmoo? He is a weird and wonderful creature, born of the fertile mind of Hew Parham through his recent affair with The Hunter Gates Academy of Physical Theatre in Canada and his training with John Turner, in the Pochinko Clowning Method, and with Karen Hines, in Neo-Bouffon.

Schmoo communicates in part by vocalisations and, occasionally, a few well-placed words but, primarily, by gestures, facial expression and body language. His is a world of fantasy, whimsy and chaos. Where else might a toaster attempt to seduce a plate, with disastrous consequences, requiring psychotherapy?

Schmoo is inept, easily distracted and a technophobe, stabbing wildly at the equipment as he tries to find appropriate background music, and failing. With only a few simple props Schmoo explores a wealth of comic ideas, captivating the audience with his antics. He could be bi-polar: half barmy and half downright loony. He could be worse than that. Pity his therapist.

Parham, with the aid of director, Tina Mitchell, is offering something completely different and totally fascinating that should be high on your list of things to see in this Cabaret Fringe.

Reviewed by Barry Lenny, Arts Editor Glam Adelaide.

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