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Sci-fi comedy The End is High-Concept will take you out of the Fringe and into space

From the award-winning team behind Huge News comes a technology-infused sketch comedy performance.

From award-winning writing team Kyron Weetra and Josh Mensch comes The End is High-Concept, a sci-fi anthology nested inside a classic shipwreck tale, set in a galaxy hopping vessel in the year 2121. It’s ‘Black Mirror’ meets ‘Skithouse.”

Stranded in deep space when their ship’s computer updates itself into obsolescence, the crew in The End is High-Concept attempts to pass the time and bolster morale by sharing tales of woe and whimsy, all the while a greater mystery unwinds amongst them.

The team behind the show, including production team Cackling Jackal, collaborated with local digital artists and 3-D animators, using motion capture technology to create live animation performances to surprise and delight audiences, showcasing what is possible with modern performance.

They also take a high-tech approach when it comes to COVID, introducing contactless, paperless flyers for their 2021 show. Working with Adelaide company ACOLAB, the group has developed a prototype which will connect festival-goers to online promotions by simply tapping their phones against tagged lanyards. Using Near-field Communication (NFC) technology, the lanyards will be programmed to link patrons’ mobile phones to relevant marketing materials, without having to distribute physical flyers.

The show runs March 9th through 21st. Buy tickets here.

Find The End is High-Concept at Ngunyawayiti Theatre.

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