Scoff And Quaff Yourself Smart At Scoffed Cooking School

Scoff And Quaff Yourself Smart At Scoffed Cooking School

If Scoffed wanted to break down some of my barriers and make me feel more comfortable in the kitchen, then they succeeded.


When Nadine opened Scoffed Cooking School, her goal was to create a place where people of all ages could come and have fun while they learned how to cook in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

On Friday night we got to experience Nadine’s hospitality for ourselves when we were invited to enjoy one of her ‘Scoffed & Quaffed’ evenings (a cooking class that comes with matched wines!) and we have to say, she’s pretty well hit the proverbial on the noggin.

When we arrived we were welcomed warmly into the school’s café area where refreshments (bubbles anyone?) and antipasto were offered and devoured while the kitchen team made their final preparations for our class. As we nibbled, sipped, and relaxed in the company of our fellow classmates, Nadine provided us with a few instructions to make sure our night went as smoothly, safely, and as hygienically as possible. Then, with the formalities aside and our champagne glasses emptied, it was time to hit the kitchen and to start having fun!

Our teacher for the evening was Chef Lachlan Mackinnon. Once the head chef at Red Ochre Grill, the man apprenticed at Windy Point Restaurant and is now the genius in the kitchen at Hibernia – suffice to say, we knew we were in good hands!

For this particular ‘Scoffed & Quaffed’ class we were making paella and pinxtos (pronounced pinch-os), and Chef Lachlan masterfully guided us through every step of the cooking process. From how to cook and rest beef to ensure it’s evenly cooked and deliciously moist, to how to make your own aioli at home, Chef Lachlan imparted his knowledge to us in a way that made you feel like you were learning from a friend.

His instructions were well paced, catering for both the beginners and the more experienced cooks amongst us, and Nadine was always on hand to offer additional assistance and encouragement where required.

Dish by dish, our class happily made our way through the four-course menu with high-fives and laughter, sharing the task of cooking in the kitchen and then sharing the joy of scoffing down our creations together at the dining table. The wine pairings provided as a part of the class were delicious and very well matched, perfectly accompanying the Spanish cuisine we had ourselves so expertly prepared.

If Scoffed wanted to break down some of my barriers and make me feel more comfortable in the kitchen, then they succeeded. After Friday’s supremely approachable class, I feel excited and inspired to jump right back into the kitchen to test out some of my newfound skills and knowledge!

Scoffed Cooking School offer fun and educational classes for kids, adults, and kids + adults, so there’s something for absolutely everyone. Whether you’re a virgin foodie who has next to no experience at all, you’re bored with eating the same meals every week because you don’t know what else to cook, or you want to do something completely different for your next play date with that delightful little cherub you have in your life, why don’t you have a gander at what classes are coming up soon on the Scoffed website? You’ll learn great techniques from chefs that will make your life in the kitchen a heck of a lot easier, you’ll meet great people who are just as into food as you are, AND you’ll have an absolute ball doing it.

Scoffed Cooking School
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