Seaford Man strikes $50,000 Keno win, continuing family legacy of lottery luck

A Seaford local has inherited his father’s luck with a $50,000 Keno win, and is thinking of using the windfall to help his daughter.

A Seaford man is experiencing a newfound fortune after winning $50,000 in a Keno game, echoing a family legacy of lottery luck that harks back to his father’s major win in 1980. The South Australian scored the Spot 8 entry in Keno draw 240708 919, which took place on Monday, 8 July 2024.

The win came as a surprise to the man who maintains a tradition of playing the same numbers consistently. “Oh, I’ve just been over the moon for the last 24 hours,” he shared joyfully after discovering his win. He added, “I always play the same return numbers in Keno and I’m glad I’ve persisted!”

The lucky winner was completely taken aback upon learning of his win and promptly visited the newsagency where he purchased his ticket to confirm his windfall. He was directed by the staff to claim his prize at The Lott headquarters. Though still in shock, the fortunate winner hinted that his winnings might be used to assist his daughter, who could benefit from the financial boost.

This heartwarming story unfolded at the Seaford Lotteries Kiosk located at the Seaford Shopping Centre. The store, where the ticket was purchased, is now celebrating its role in the life-changing moment. The Seaford Lotteries Kiosk team have shared their excitement and extended their best wishes to the man for his future endeavours.

This isn’t just a stroke of luck isolated to the Seaford man; Keno games have contributed to numerous significant wins across South Australia. In 2023 alone, more than 1.52 million Keno games resulted in wins worth a combined total of over $87.5 million. Out of these, 33 fortunate players carried home a combined total exceeding $7.44 million from Spot 8, 9, and 10 wins.

Gamble responsibly.

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