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See the World Through the Eyes of Youth

True North Youth Theatre Ensemble present their inaugural performance from the Pathways Leadership Program.


Alirio Zavarce’s True North Youth Theatre Ensemble is presenting the Inaugural performance of Pathways Leadership Program, Through Our Eyes

This program was developed to engage young people at a critical period when they are about to move into adult life. Zavarce saw that there was a lack of pathways for young people to become leaders, and to use their skills to create change in the community.  The Pathways Leadership Program provides the participants with the opportunity to lead, along with a creative outlet to explore issues that are important to them. Along the way they develop skills that are transferable and adapted to real life

Through Our Eyes showcases new and original theatre pieces created by the Ensemble including  The H Word…No, It’s Not Hate, The Train and School Shooter. This is an invitation to see into the world of these Young Australian artists as they bring light to such issues as bullying, racism and harassment.

Through Our Eyes is a body of work that has been created and developed by True North Pathways with the mentorship of Alirio Zavarce and other professional artists.

True North Pathways Leadership Program is the first of its kind in Australia. It aims to mentor young people into arts and community leaders and involves active participation in the running of the program itself.

The Ensemble consists of:  Tyler Evans, Jada Guerrini, Adam Nguyen, Luis Perez, Cole Hewitt, Lucas Forgan, Emily Dyson, Emily Avard, Brittney Satterley, Maddy Zweck, Brock Murray, Abby Claridge, Tyler Ambrose, Aidan Smith, Jaime Phelps, and Melody Fatchen

Through Our Eyes plays for two nights only: Friday 5th October at 7pm, Saturday 6th October, 6:30pm at Tandanya Theatre, 253 Grenfell St Adelaide. 
All tickets $15. 

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