See These Japanese Hip-Hop Performers At Fringe (And For Free)

This Japanese dance group fuses hip-hop and contemporary dance into their show Twilight Suddenly, coming to Fringe in Feb!


The fusion of hip-hop and contemporary dance has never looked more dope than Tokyo Electrock Stairs (TES), a contemporary Japanese dance group that is bringing their show Twilight Suddenly to the stage.

Created by TES leader (and award-winning choreographer) Kentaro, this performance allows all five artists to combine elements of dance, acting and music into one show.

Twilight Suddenly is a FREE show that will draw you in with their unique style of da-tsu-ryo-ku-kei (脱力系; ennui-style) in which everyday life is broken out into performance at the little moments.

Having been around for over 10 years, TES bring the ‘meaningful and meaningless’ into their performances and live by their motto being “Even if there is no goal, just go through it”.

TES will be performing on February 21 & 22 at Space Theatre.

Check out a sneak peek of their work here:


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