See What Years Of Sun, Partying and Junk Food Has Really Done To Your Skin

See What Years Of Sun, Partying and Junk Food Has Really Done To Your Skin

We went deeper to find out what your skin really needs by using this new ultra-tech machine at SILK Laser Clinic.


Ever wondered what your skin looks like below the surface?

Okay, maybe not all of us have. Let’s be honest – many of us probably don’t want to. But if you’re a little obsessed with everything skin, it might’ve crossed your mind once or twice.

Luckily for us, we live in the 21st century, and this kind of technology is not the kind of thing only imagined in 60’s sci-fi movies. With advanced camera technology, we can now see into the lower layers of the skin, enabling clearer understanding and evidence of underlying skin concerns. This allows the client, with the assistance of their dermal technician to take preventative and restorative action to help benefit the skin with the right products and treatments. SILK Laser Clinics has recently introduced their Observ 520 Skin Analysis System, which does exactly that.

The Observ 520 is a camera that takes a series of photographic images of a person’s face with varying lights to provide insights into personal skin concerns, and see the extent of the underlying damage that isn’t noticeable to the naked eye. Likewise, the system can compare ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos to show you how your skin could potentially appear within 10-15 years without treatments, or alternately, the success of your skin improvements with a regimented treatment plan. The Observ 520 Skin Analysis shows: fine lines and wrinkles, oils, pores, pigmentation, hydration, and vascularity.

SILK invited us to the full experience and analysis. Aimee did my analysis – she was very knowledgeable about skin and skincare treatments, and knew exactly how to ask the right questions to clarify her understanding of my skin concerns. Aimee doubled cleansed my skin to remove makeup, dirt, and impurities so the system could get a clean, fresh imaging. Inside the Observ canopy, the camera took several photos of my face in different lights.

This includes daylight, which shows the skin in even light for further evaluation and comparison; a cross polarized light, which identifies redness and discolouration (including rosacea, vascular capilleries, acne, and pigmentation); parallel polarized, which shows pores, wrinkles, texture, dehydration, congestion, and thickening of the skin. It includes true UV mode to identify hidden skin concerns including pores, sebum, thinning of the skin, scar tissue and hyperpigmentation; wood’s mode to show skin lipids, oil and congestion (here, Aimee pointed out that the yellowness on my upper lip was probably from a Mars Bar last week. I told her it was actually from several hours earlier. I’ve never had my chocolate obsession pointed out to me like this before).

It also showed  complexion mode, which forecasts what your skin will look like in 10 years without intervention. Using this complexion mode, your technician can recommend a specialized treatment plan to prevent further damage, and restore the appearance of skin after pre-existing damage.

My 10-year forecast showed mottled and uneven skin; leftover from the post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation I’ve had from blemishes that tend to leave dark spots. Aimee advised me some treatment options and possibly products that will help diminish the appearance of pigmentation, and generally help with brightening and antioxidant protection.

SILK generally will prescribe a treatment plan using the advanced cosmeceutical range from SILK Laser Clinics. This customized plan is guaranteed to improve the appearance of your skin, and assist in resolving underlying skin concerns. The Observ 520 is a very informative process that is painless and completely safe.

Best of all, the Observ 520 is a complimentary bonus when you book in to one of SILK’s facial treatments – whether this be Dermapen or microdermabrasion, SILK gives all clients the opportunity to dive below the surface.

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