New off-the-plan real estate site UNIFI Property is set to revolutionise the way you buy

UNIFI Property – Adelaide founded real estate online sales platform hits the market.

Get ready to revolutionise your real estate journey with the new groundbreaking UNIFI Property platform, set to redefine how you buy real estate.

When buying a brand new property, there are so many different things to consider, and up until recently, it was nearly impossible to find all the information online, let alone search for properties using specific criteria.

After working in property for years, Adelaide siblings Loretta and Michael Cavallaro, thought that there must be a better way of buying off-the-plan. And so for the last few years, they have built new technology that will allow consumers to buy off-the-plan properties easier, and with more transparency, than the usual suspects.

“From day one, our goal for UNIFI Property was to challenge the status quo of real estate transactions. We have always believed that the process could be more straightforward, more efficient, and, most importantly, more aligned with the modern consumer’s needs,” ⁠Loretta Cavallaro said.

“By focusing on innovation, we’re constantly seeking out new ways to simplify the property journey, making it faster and more intuitive.

“It’s not just about buying or selling properties; it’s about reimagining the entire experience to fit the digital age while staying grounded in traditional values of service and reliability.⁠ ⁠ We are very excited to bring this ground breaking technology to the consumer.”

Specialising in off-the-plan sales for apartments, townhouses and house and land packages, UNIFI enables agents to list information buyers want and need to know. On other popular real estate sales websites, you can generally only find photos and a floor plan for each development. Now with UNIFI, you can find;

  • Individual floor plans
  • Site plans
  • Specification list of all the finishes

With a focus on innovation, UNIFI Property aims to transform the property experience, blending cutting-edge technology with timeless values of service and reliability.

The idea was sparked during Loretta and Michael’s journey through China, where they recognised the urgent need for a tech-forward solution in the real estate world.

The platform shows consumers a live price-list feature, empowering buyers to initiate the purchasing process instantly, keeping them ahead of market fluctuations. This is what is unique about UNIFI – if there’s 20 townhouses, each of the 20 would be listed and profiled.

“Our live, real-time price lists offer a crystal-clear view of the market, ensuring you navigate your property journey with confidence.” Michael added. “No hidden clauses, just open, honest information at your fingertips.”

In addition to empowering purchasers, UNIFI Property will streamline the workflow of real estate agents in marketing pre-construction properties, offering them a platform where crucial property particulars and comprehensive information for yet-to-be-built properties are showcased.

“Our business is founded upon three pillars: integrity, transparency, and innovation,” Loretta said.

“We’re thrilled to commence our launch in SA initially and we are both eagerly anticipating the nationwide rollout scheduled for the coming months.”

At their recent launch event at the chic rooftop restaurant, SORA, the UNIFI Property team dazzled guests with a glimpse into the future of real estate technology, leaving an impression on all who witnessed its potential.

Not only is UNIFI great for buyers, it’s fantastic for Real Estate Agencies and Developers. The website allows them to promote off the plan projects precisely and efficiently while also facilitating the initiation of the buying process online.

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