Send The Kids To Code Camp To Learn The Skills Of The Future

This is your school holiday guide for the tech-sav in the family!

This is your school holiday guide for the tech-savvy in the family:

Code Camp

If the kids already don’t want to leave their phone, iPad or laptop, why not teach them how to use technology productively with coding, problem solving and creating? 

Code Camp is the leading camp in kids coding education in Australia. They hold before- and after- school programs and school holiday camps, creating many little coders every year. Each camp is suited to a different age group and skill level. Bellow are the different options:

Little League: Ages 5-6 (2-3 days)

The juniors can make new friends while they learn to build apps, and problem solve with puzzles and apps. They combine both online and offline work ensuring the kids aren’t staring into screens all day incorporating physical activities as well. Using an iPad they build mini apps while learning about coding.

Spark: Ages 7-12 (3-4 days)

Spark is Code Camp’s most popular. It promises engaging, fun and digital creativity. By the end of the camp the kids would have completed their very own playable iPhone app available at the Apple Store. Using specialised software, they will learn how to drag and drop coding and are able to access the same tools at home so they can continue their coding with video tutorials.

Ignite: Ages 7-12 (3-4 days)

For the Ignite camp it’s required that kids have completed Spark first. Building on their existing skills the kids will master their drag and drop skills and by the end of the camp take on JavaScript for the first time, allowing them to build a game of new features and levels in greater detail.

Blast 3D: Ages 8-13 (3-4 days)

For Blast 3D it is require they’ve completed Ignite. This camp is the first 3D coding platform for kids in the world. By the end of this camp the kids will have an understanding of JavaScript and line coding allowing them to create their game in 3D. Its amazing seeing what these kids have created by the end of the camp. Their new favourite video game would be of their own making.

Blast AR (Augmented Reality): Ages 8-13 (3-4 days)

Its required the kids have completed Ignite. Blast AR teaches them how to build an exciting game in AR which is incorporating technology in a real setting such as the Pokémon Go games, seeing a Pokémon within your surroundings. Creative thinking is expressed within this camp as they encourage the kids to think outside the box in creating their very own game utilizing real life settings.


Code Camps are held across Pulteney Grammar School, Loreto College, Westminster and Pedare Christian College – check their website to see which camps are on at each location.

Code Like a Girl

Also on during the school holidays is ‘Little Hackers’, a camp run by Code Like a Girl in Glen Osmond on October 2-4. Participants will learn all the coding terminology and language, and new skills to create a mini website and generate safe usernames and passwords. Code Like a Girl puts emphasis on creating a safe and happy environment for girls to learn coding skills at their own pace involving their interests, led by women. The girls will also meet guest speakers and inspirational role models.

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