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Shaken Or Stirred?: The Collins Bar Launches Five Exclusive Modern Martinis

Do you prefer your martinis shaken or stirred? Either way, Hilton Adelaide’s cocktail bar The Collins Bar has you covered with their exclusive and limited edition annual Shaken and Stirred Martini Collection.

Do you prefer your martinis shaken or stirred? Either way, Hilton Adelaide’s cocktail bar The Collins Bar has you covered with their exclusive and limited edition annual Shaken and Stirred Martini Collection.

The Collins Bar has created five progressive variations of the classic martini exclusively offered throughout July and August. Traditionally, a Martini combines gin, vermouth and olives, lemon twists, and occasionally a pickled onion.

The annual Collins Bar menu – now in its third year – is an Adelaide favourite for martinis, but not as you know them.

General Manager of Hilton Adelaide, Peer Norsell said this collection showcases a range of flavours while still staying true to old cocktail classics.
“The Collins Bar have worked hard to make these cocktails refreshing yet still warming during the cooler months,” Mr Norsell said.

“The diversity in the flavour combinations is extraordinary and we hope, will provide a pleasing palate for everyone who joins us this July and August.”

The five cocktails on offer this year are expertly named the Sour Kappa, the Jammin, the Ruby Rose, the Aloe Fizztini and the Nip.

As Martinis are traditionally a gin cocktail – the Jammin features a delightful mix of gin, contreau and apricot jam.

The Aloe Fizztini and the Nip are vodka martinis – the Aloe with a dash of vermouth and aloe soda, and the Nip with of citrus vodka and St Germain Elderflower.

The Ruby Rose features spiced rum and an authentic house made fruit syrup – giving it the complex flavour balance that you won’t find anywhere else. A specialty for the mixologists!

And finally – the Sour Kappa is championed by an Italian liqueur, Disarrono, with plum wine and sweet and sour liqueur.

Which of these tickles your fancy?

The Collins Bar is located at the Hilton Adelaide at 233 Victoria Square, Adelaide. For more information about the hotel, visit

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