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Shobosho opens third restaurant, Shomen

Set to specialise in all things noodles, ramen and ‘sandos’, SA can expect Shomen to champion the flavours they know and love from Shobosho.

Image credit: Shomen Ramen

A new restaurant had made its way to the illustrious Leigh Street, with contemporary Asian eatery Shobosho extending its culinary prowess next door with its new venue Shomen.

Specialising in all things noodles, ramen and ‘sandos’, South Australia can expect Shomen to take the flavours they know and love from Shobosho and transform them into delicious hot soups, indulgent burgers and Katsu grab ‘n go sandwiches. 

Shomen is the third restaurant to join the Shobosho family, with the Japanese Izakaya and tempura-inspired eatery ShoSho opening on King William Road last year. 

In an exciting first, restaurant-goers will be able to indulge in Shomen’s waygu and wasabi cheeseburger, oozing tonnes of flavour in between the seeded brioche bun. Next door’s classic Katsu Sando has also be making an appearance on the mouth-watering menu. 

Shobosho’s signature culinary style of smoke, steam and fire has cemented itself in Shomen’s menu. Delicious tea-smoked duck ramen, brimmed with egg noodles, shiitake mushrooms, nori and swimming in a duck anise broth, is set to be a star dish alongside other hot soups.

With a Shomen making its debut, Leigh Street is poised to be Adelaide’s go-to spot for after-work drinks in South Australia’s balmy afternoon sunshine. Visitors of the SA’s premium small bar scene will be spoilt for choice for good food and booze, with Masterchef Laura Sharrad opening her second dining room Fugazzi this year, in addition to Hyde Park’s Nido. 

Leigh Street’s laneway culture is unrivalled, with other popular hotspots like Udaberri, Pink Moon Saloon and Leigh Street Wine Room finding home on the popular side street. The iconic Leigh Street Luggage is also set to transform into a funky European cocktail bar next month. 

You can keep up to date with Shomen on Instagram

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