Shout Your Mates A Drink From Your Phone

Shout Your Mates A Drink From Your Phone

A new Adelaide recreational app is here to organise your night out and finally answer the eternal question of, “Whose shout is it, anyway?”


Ah, the eternal pub dispute: whose turn is it to shout? We all know the usual suspects; the one who claims that they got the last round, the one who’s mysteriously disappeared to the bathroom when their shout comes around, and all those friends who magically become sober abstainers when it’s their turn to shout but were happy to drink for the last three rounds.

Here to sort that argument once and for all, and also provide you with some awesome drinks deals, is the new social entertainment app, Shouted. The brainchild of drinking buddies Michael Bois from Beg Your Pardon tailors and Sam Nicolitsi, the app provides punters with a completely new way to sort their night out and sort the shouting dispute once and for all.

Shouted is different from other hospo apps like UberEats or Groupon in that it encourages users to create their own communities. When you join, you’re encouraged to create a group, add your friends, and get shouting! New users are immediately greeted with all the great deals available from partnered venues, where you can choose the deal that best suits your tastes and budget; like 4 glasses of a crisp Eden Valley Riesling at Mr Goodbar, or 3 pints of a refreshing Leffe beer at the Belgian Beer Cafe, and plenty more excellent deals to choose from. Then your friends can (and better) shout you back with the next deal! The app also notes all your favourite deals so you can order them again, and finally end the dispute over whose shout it really is.

The app is the perfect solution for the regular work drinks, uni mates, and your rellies; because all the packages are pre-paid, you can shout anyone a drink anywhere, anytime.

Shouted is available for download now on iOS from the App Store, and on Android from the Play Store.

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