Tallulah box is a DIY sunflower growing kit which connect you to your loved ones

Tallulah box is a sunflower growing kit which has hit the market to keep you connected with loved ones separated by the pandemic.

A sunflower growing kit with a social conscience has hit the market and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you!

Tallulah box is a DIY bouquet with the purpose to connect people in small but meaningful ways.

Founded by Adelaide couple Charlotte Krinas and Alex Mackenzie, tallulah box was born out of a pandemic induced desire to connect when difficult circumstances were making that hard to do. 

Connection is a fundamental human need and what they have created is a unique, meaningful, and affordable way to connect.

Tallulah box is built around the idea of heliotropis – a plant or animal’s attraction and movement towards sunlight and a form of energy. To gift a tallulah box is to gift warmth and energy.

The idea is to connect with loved ones far away through a humble seed gift box. There is something deeply satisfying about nurturing a plant from seed to flower, especially when you can share your successes (and failures) with somebody. 

Co-founder Alex Mackenzie said tallulah box connects people as it reminds recipients someone is thinking of them and they are reminded of that love as they watch their sunflower grow. 

“Whether separated by a pandemic, distance, time, drama or you just want to say hello in a different way, we hope the tallulah box will help you connect with your person in a lasting, meaningful, and fun way,” said Alex.

“We have a lot of family and friends interstate and most of them were going through a really tough time in lockdowns so we wanted to send them something that was heartfelt and really meaningful and not going to break the bank.”

Alex said tallulah box was inspired by a beloved children’s book called Max and Tallulah, which are both zebra characters.

“Max is in love with Tallulah, so he learns to dance and grow veggies and does all these outrageous things zebra’s wouldn’t do,” Max said.

“But then he finally works up the courage to speak to her, and suddenly she likes him.

“It’s the notion that you don’t need a grand gesture to connect with someone.”

Since launching in September 2021, tallulah box has exploded in popularity.

“People love sunflowers, they are really full of symbolism and meaning, and they face the sun when they can’t face one another,” Alex said.

“Tallulah box was inspired as sunflowers are a really meaningful flower. They are really easy to grow and they are a large seed, plus they are packed full of symbolism.”

Available in two sizes, Alex recommends gifting the small sunflowers to those living in smaller abodes, whilst the larger sunflowers are great for green thumbs. 

“The small variety is the best bet, but if they [the recipient] have the space or are keen gardeners the larger one is the one you want to be going for.”

As for flower care, Alex says it’s simple: ”lots of sun and lots and lots of water – they are very thirsty”.

Each tallulah box includes everything needed to grow a sunflower including locally-sourced sunflower seeds, coir grows pods for optimal seed germination and a greeting card. 

All of the artfully designed packagings is Impact conscious – tallulah box is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. The packaging materials can also be repurposed to create a fun pressed paper pot. 

Tallulah box share their sunshine and success with $1 from each box sold donated to support The Smith Family.

“We are longtime supporters of the Smith Family,” Max said.

“We have three young kids and the thought of parents and kids not having the bare necessities to attend school is heartbreaking.

“School excursions only cost $20 which is nothing to us, but for some families that is a lot and no child should have to miss out.”

“Connection is really important to us – if the pandemic has shown us anything it’s that connecting with others is the most important thing and supporting the Smith Family is another way of connecting.

“We connect people with our sunflowers and connect kids with their school community by donating a portion of each sale.”

Tallulah Box Sunflower kits can be purchased online via their website

Follow Tallulah Box on Instagram and Facebook to see more. 

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