Showcase South Australia Launches For Brand SA Members & Adelaide Business Community

Brand SA’s community to continue under new banner, Showcase South Australia.

Photo: Joe Nes

Showcase South Australia has been launched, designed to carry on the brilliant work that Brand South Australia had been doing for SA’s business community.

With a focus on supporting South Australian businesses, and showcasing our State’s industries, people and events, Showcase SA will be offering membership packages with similar benefits and events, to those previously offered by Brand South Australia.

With Brand SA’s endorsement, and Glam Adelaide’s involvement, Showcase South Australia will be able to continue to offer a robust events calendar and list of benefits as part of the new business membership packages.

Due to the short timeframe in which Brand SA wrapped up, July and August’s event calendar has been confirmed, while the remainder of the year is being organised. The initial event list is strongly aligned with the previous Brand SA offering.

There continue to be Silver, Gold and Platinum memberships, positive news, directory listings, and networking opportunities.

A tiered events schedule is on offer, which features member opportunities and member exclusive events, plus a Platinum Leadership Series, Platinum Exclusive Experiences, Professional Development and Training, Straight Talking Luncheons and a series of Industry Events.

For businesses who were previously signed up for Brand South Australia memberships, Glam Adelaide is offering a special membership in August 2019, paying $2000+GST for Gold memberships and $4500+GST for Platinum memberships (Save $500 on either).

For new businesses, the package prices are $500 for Silver, $2500 for Gold and $5000 for Platinum (plus GST). Details below.

Head to the Showcase SA website for member information as well as the upcoming calendar of events, at

To discuss the membership packages, or to find out how your business can be involved in the Events Calendar, email Nicola Martin, Director of Corporate Partnerships at [email protected], Kelly Noble on [email protected] or Steve Testar on [email protected].

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