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‘Sh!t-faced Shakespeare’ shakes up Fringe with a hilariously tipsy take on Macbeth

Comedy smash hit, internationally acclaimed ‘Sh!t-faced Shakespeare’ returns to Fringe with an hilarious take on the classic Macbeth!

Get ready to experience Shakespeare like never before at this year’s Adelaide Fringe, with the internationally acclaimed and uproariously entertaining ‘Sh!t-faced Shakespeare’ (M) returning with a one-of-a-kind performance of Macbeth.

The comedy smash-hit, internationally acclaimed, multi-sell-out Fringe phenomenon is back, but be warned—this isn’t your high school English class’s Shakespeare; it’s an innovative and hilarious take that promises to breathe fresh air into the Bard’s classic work.

Imagine a serious Shakespeare play where one actor is genuinely inebriated—yep, you read that right!

Each night, at The Roundhouse at The Garden of Unearthly Delights, amidst the sober and earnest cast, one actor will take to the stage completely sh!t-faced, ensuring that no two shows are the same—what could possibly go right?!

This unique element brings an unexpected and hilarious twist to the iconic play, offering a raucous, riotous and often unpredictable rampage through Shakespeare’s classic work.

Critics all over have raved about ‘Sh!t-faced Shakespeare’, with reviews like ‘The most fun I’ve ever had at the Fringe. I left with tears streaming down my face and a sore belly from laughing far, far too hysterically hard’ (★★★★★ – Collage Adelaide).

It’s a show that’s been described as ‘No-holds-barred ecstasy’ (★★★★★ – Broadway Baby) and ‘A hilarious, laugh-a-minute riot.’ (★★★★ – Clothesline).

But who will enjoy this irreverent take on Macbeth the most? If you’re a fan of comedy, Shakespeare, or just a good, unpredictable night out, this show is for you.

‘Sh!t-faced Shakespeare’ blends the respected tradition of Shakespeare with comedic innovation, reinventing the classic dialogue in a way that’s accessible, enjoyable, and utterly hilarious. Expect the unexpected, as the mix of a professional production and a spontaneously tipsy actor creates a performance full of surprises and laughs in this fresh take on a theatre experience.

Are you ready to enjoy Shakespeare responsibly or perhaps a bit irresponsibly?

Running from Friday, February 16th to Sunday, March 17th, grab your tickets via the link below and let ‘Sh!t-faced Shakespeare’ show you the lighter side of the Bard. This is Shakespeare as you’ve never seen him before, and likely, will never see again!

What: Sh!t-faced Shakespeare – Macbeth.
Where: The Roundhouse at The Garden of Unearthly Delights
When: Friday, 16th of February, to Sunday, 17th of March.
For tickets and further info, click here.

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