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Sick Of All The Bull That You’re Fed Through The Media? Then This Is The Fringe Show For You!

Two women just telling it like it is… In the most hilarious way possible!

They say laughter is the best medicine… Well if you attend this hilarious Fringe show, we are pretty sure you will be getting a whole lot of that good medicine…

Middle aged mamas Mandy Nolan and Ellen Briggs believe you’ve got to grab life by the gusset. Unashamedly ordinary and two tena pad funny – in their show Women Like Us, these two comedians get down to the nitty gritty – like what do you do when you’re the only Mum in the parent group not asked over to the swingers house? Do control undies really work and should a person expect fabric to have control if they don’t? The man beard has taken the world by storm, but when will the downstairs lady beard make a comeback? Does carrying the esky into a party count as foreplay?

These women are sick of all the bull that we are fed through the media and mother’s groups and online chat forums… This show is smart, loud, funny, insightful, honest, irreverent and rude. It is all about making everyone feel incredibly normal and OK! Their secret: Cynicism and resentment, and of course quite a lot of wine.

And men needn’t be afraid, Nolan and Briggs saythat this show has attracted more men than they ever expected. Plus it is a test of a great bloke – if they can handle women like Ellen and Mandy, well then that bloke is a keeper! So Ellen and Mandy say anyway (we tend to agree).

Nolan and Briggs do appear on the poster in their underwear because it’s what is underneath that counts. Quite literally.

‘We will be wearing clothes’ says Briggs, ‘we reveal a lot more than flesh!’

Nolan is coy about her appearance in the big undies. ‘I think its pretty obvious my husband loves me for who I am. Not just because I’m a sexbomb. We did a photo shoot, aka Real Housewives style – because we wanted to satirise that kind of portrayal of women as these vacuous bores that shopped and got botox. We did a massive photo shoot – then did a few in our beige wear. It was tempting to use the glamour shots, but I’m a business women. Imperfect women in their underwear is the money shot. And it’s what we are all about – telling it how it is. But with pants on. We promise!’

Like we said.... In their underwear.

Like we said…. In their underwear.

Considering this show has sold out around Australia we suggest you get your tickets now!

Women Like Us

When: Wednesday 24 February – Saturday 27 February.
Time: 7pm
Where: The Store, 157 Melbourne St, Nth Adelaide
Tickets: All tix $25

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