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Sick Of Kale, Matcha And Acai? Meet The Café Of Your Homemade Food Dreams

Ideal for your commute to work, Saturday brunch, or if you just want food and coffee without all the fuss, Unley Road’s newest coffeehouse will not disappoint.

Every café you go to it seems like the menus keep getting crazier and more inventive. We love it, but sometimes you just want good ol’ fashion coffee and food without all the flashiness. Dash Coffeehouse does exactly that. Opening only a month ago in an old house on Unley Road, the three blokes who own and run the coffeehouse know how to do basic, good quality food and coffee that won’t leave you wondering what the hell it is that you’re actually eating (we’re looking at you matcha crepes).

All in their mid-50s and with no previous coffee experience, the owners have been friends for 40 years after meeting at Unley High School way back when. They’ve travelled around together, and watched one another have families, careers and retire, now they’ve decided to do something together – and what better venture than a coffeehouse?

With a supplier like 1645 Coffee Roasters, you can’t go wrong. They’ve not only provided the beans for Dash, but a top of the range coffee machine and training on how to make any specialty coffee your heart desires. Their support of SA businesses means their products are fresh as hell: they get their milk from Tweedvale Milk, and food distributed from Bakery Networks and Sienna Foods.

Located in a part of Unley Road that is really lacking in fresh, takeaway food, they’re a sight for sore tummies. While they don’t have a dedicated cook yet, their menu is full of the things your grandma used to make for Sunday brunch. Think nan’s homemade relish; egg and bacon bagels; ham, cheese and tomato toasties; and egg on sourdough bread. And with two of the owners being Italian, you know they know food – one of their wives even makes the homemade biscotti you get with every coffee. The best part? They’re located at Shop 2, 92 Unley Rd on the left side of the road, which means they’re in the perfect location for your work commute, and with almost 40 parking spots available in a part of town where parking is severely lacking, you’ll find it easy as pie to stop, park and run. Their customer service is what really sets them apart though, you’ll be welcomed into their ‘house’ with warm smiles, open arms and an atmosphere worthy of their partially Italian heritage.

With a low price, great location and incredible atmosphere, look out for their black and white flags and stop in for a brunch that will feel like you’re at home (only better).

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