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Simon Jones of The Holidays Band

Rajani Stengewis interviewed Simon Jones from The Holidays, a Sydney-formed Australian band, who will be playing live in Adelaide on October 23rd at Jive.


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I interviewed Simon Jones from The Holidays Band this week.

Can you describe your music?

We don’t really fit into a genre so I will say “Bongo Clash”.

You’re about to release Post Paradise. What was the recording process?

It was an interesting learning process. At first we went to go into a studio but then we decided with the pressure of a studio and watching the clock, we would do it at home. This way we could record it the way we wanted and do it a creative way without any time restrictions. The whole process took about 9 months.

What is your ultimate dream gig and who would you play with?

A festival anywhere with The Flaming Lips.

Papa vs Pretty are supporting you on this tour, did you choose them?

Yes we did. We’d seen them a few times live and they live in Sydney and so do we, so we thought we’d bring them along.

What can people who have never seen your shows before expect?

A lot going on, busy and pretty!

The Holidays will be performing live in Adelaide on October 23rd at Jive, 181 Hindley St.

Check our their Myspace or visit their website,

Rajani Stengewis

Music Editor

Glam Adelaide, South Australian News

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