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Single Ladies, Meet Your Farmers

The Aussie farmers searching for a soulmate in new season of Farmer Wants A Wife revealed.


Australia’s most successful relationship show Farmer Wants A Wife returns in 2020 and today, the new crop of Aussie farmers ready to find their soulmate have been revealed.

These hopeful single blokes will put it all on the line as they search for “the one” – a life partner with whom they can share their hearts and their love of their land.

History bodes well for these new farmers seeking a forever – Farmer Wants A Wife has created more happily-ever-afters than any other dating show, with nine marriages and 19 babies in Australia (with another on the way) and 147 marriages and 280 babies worldwide.

Meet the farmers:


Age: 28
Location: Cunnamulla,QLD 
Type of farm: Sheep, Cattle
Height: 180cm  

About me: I’m an energetic larrikin who enjoys being outside. A very loyal friend and brother who enjoys learning new things. What sort of woman are you looking for? Someone I have a lot in common with and I could see as my best friend. I certainly want to find her attractive, but what I really want is someone who shares my interests, is levelheaded and is fun with a great sense of humour. What values are you looking for in a partner?  I am fiercely loyal to my loved ones and I hope I can find a partner who feels the same. I’m also an adventurous soul and need someone who is willing to go on adventures with me. Click here to learn more about Farmer Alex!


Age: 28
Location: Goolgowi, NSW
Type of farm: Grapes, Cotton, Sheep
Height: 183cm

About me: I’m a small-town country boy with a big heart and a lot of love to give, who enjoys the simple life of working on the farm. What sort of woman are you looking for?I’m looking for someone who is easy going, loves a laugh and is not afraid to have a go at new things. She needs to be able to hold her own but also be able to support me, as I will her. What values are you looking for in a partner?Trust is without a doubt the biggest thing for me. Loyalty is also important, as well as a passion for enjoying life, not just living it. Click here to learn more about Farmer Harry!


Location: Harrow, VIC
Type of farm: Merino Sheep
Height: 195cm

About me: I am energetic, fun and enthusiastic. I have a great love for life and above all, I love an adventure. What sort of woman are you looking for?An empathetic and kindhearted soul who has the same passion to learn, discover and travel as I do. What values are you looking for in a partner?I am looking for kindness, generosity and enthusiasm in a partner. Click here to learn more about Farmer Jack!


Age: 42
Location: Crookwell, NSW
Type of farm: Merino Sheep
Height: 178cm

About me: I’m a fun, fit, happy and healthy farmer and father of three. What sort of woman are you looking for?If there is a woman who is still reading this and is not totally put off, there is a reasonable chance we will get on. I hope there is a spark, also known as the feeling, also known as the vibe. It can’t be faked, and it never lies. What values are you looking for in a partner?Be honest, be a team player, be family orientated, be active and be ready… Click here to learn more about Farmer Neil!


Age: 44
Location: Deviot, TAS
Type of farm: Vineyard
Height: 183cm

About me: I’m the type of guy that shows up on the scene and gets the seven digits, you know the routine… I’m also the type of guy who answers questions with LL Cool J lyrics! What sort of woman are you looking for?An independent woman with a bunch of stuff going on. I like a woman who is happy to do her own thing and someone who plans to follow her dreams. What values are you looking for in a partner?I like honesty, I like drive and I like commitment. I find it attractive when someone finishes what they start. I like an adventurous woman too. Click here to learn more about Farmer Nick!


Age: 27
Location: Innisfail, QLD
Type of farm: Tropical Fruit
Height: 178cm

About me: I’m a fun, loving and caring person with a heart of gold and a pretty dry sense of humour. I love to be outdoors and am very family orientated. What sort of woman are you looking for?A woman with a big heart, who is caring and supportive and can have a bit of fun. What values are you looking for in a partner?Someone who is trustworthy, loyal and kind with a good sense of humour and can handle lots of Italian food. Click here to learn more about Farmer Sam!

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