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Six tips for buying local on a budget

The current cost-of-living crisis is changing the way South Aussie’s spend their money, with many people tightening their budgets on the weekly supermarket shop.

The current cost-of-living crisis is changing the way South Aussie’s spend their money, with many people tightening their budgets on the weekly supermarket shop. As much as we’d love to buy local, this can be challenging in the current climate. But, buying local doesn’t have to cost the earth and there are many ways to save money while still supporting the state.

It’s not about completely changing the way you shop, rather, it’s about making conscious choices that will collectively have a substantial impact. If every South Australian switched $1 in every $20 of spending to local products, it would inject millions of dollars into the local economy.

We’ve listed six tips, with the help of with the help of Brand South Australia’s Buy SA. For SA campaign, to help you continue to buy local and support our great state amid cost-of-living pressures.

1. Buy produce that’s in season

Buying fruit like strawberries in the middle of winter means you’re paying for the extra travel costs and the challenges associated with growing them out of season. Instead, switch to citrus fruits, like orange or mandarins, which are not only more affordable, but also fresher and tastier (since they haven’t travelled as far).

“We always encourage our customers to buy what’s in season and therefore in abundance. It’s a great way to support local producers and will also see shoppers getting the best price,” Brand SA Advisory Board Member and Foodland Supermarkets CEO Franklin dos Santos said.

“When you buy seasonally those fruits and vegetables are at their finest, so you’ll always be rewarded with great taste. The cooler months see us welcome citrus fruits including oranges, mandarins, lemons and limes as well as hearty vegetables such as carrots, pumpkin and broccoli.”

2. Time your purchases and weekly shop

Instead of running to the store whenever you’re missing a dinner ingredient, which can often lead to overspending, try planning your purchases. Set aside a specific day each week for your grocery shopping and assess your needs for the upcoming week, then review them at week’s end. By sticking to a planned schedule, you can avoid buying unnecessary items and save money.

3. Look for the State logo in catalogues and instore

Catalogue specials are released every week on a Wednesday and many retailers include the State logo to help you identify local brands which are on sale. This includes fresh produce and grocery items and is just another way you can save on local products.

When shopping in-store, keep your eyes peeled for the Buy SA. For SA. tickets on the shelf (see above pic). By looking for the State logo, you can easily support local businesses and help the state you love thrive, as it’s a clear indication that the product is produced or made by a South Australian business.

4. Visit the supermarket/market at the end of the day

To save money, consider visiting the supermarket, or the market, at the end of the day. Local stores often offer discounts on items that are still fresh but need to be sold before the next day. Shopping later in the day often means you can purchase what’s left at a lower cost.

5. Swap one product in your basket or trolley to a SA brand

Image credit: Adelaide Fresh Fruiterers, Morphett Vale

Each time you shop, try switching one product or $1 in every $20 (5% of your spend) to a local product alternative. Whether you’re buying groceries, fashion items, gifts, homewares, or even hardware and gardening products, these small changes can collectively make a big difference!

6. Commit to make a meal each week from local products

Make one meal a week from SA products and turn it into a fun mid-week activity. South Australia has some of the best produce in the world, making this not only beneficial for the state, but also something fun for you and your family. For example, grab San Remo pasta, Lucia’s pasta sauce, mince from your local butcher, and La Casa Del Formaggio grated parmesan. With these ingredients, you can whip up a meal full of delicious, high-quality South Australian products!

With these six tips, we hope to help South Australians support local businesses, without breaking the bank. Despite current challenging financial times, there are still so many ways to save money while continuing to buy local. Even small changes can make a big difference.

For more information on Brand South Australia’s Buy SA For SA campaign, click here.

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