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Skitch Tease – Cabaret Fringe

Liz Skitch is naughty, but nice, and her mischievous sense of humour and cheeky smile let her get away with just about anything.


Skitch Tease Cabaret FringePresented by deBASE Productions and the Cabaret Fringe Festival
Reviewed Wed 2nd June 2010

Venue: La Bohème, 36 Grote Street, Adelaide
Season: 9:30PM Thurs 3rd, 7:30PM Sat 5th and 7PM Sun 6th
Duration: 55mins
Tickets: $20/conc $15
Bookings for all Cabaret Fringe shows: BASS 131 241 or

Liz Skitch received a mention in the Adelaide Advertiser on Wednesday in their article about the previous night’s Royal Gala, the opening to the 2010 Cabaret Fringe Festival (see my review). Immediately, the ‘wowsers’ were madly writing their adverse comments about the inclusion of nudity in her act. Of course, from the stupidity of their ranting it was clearly evident that they were writing from the basis of complete ignorance and, no doubt, they have generated a rush of bookings as a result. Their screams about nudity indicate that they have never actually seen this tasteful, professional and absolutely hilarious performance. You are quite safe taking your maiden aunt to this show and, in fact, you’ll make yourself very popular with them if you take your entire family.

This show proved to be a big winner in the Fringe earlier this year, attracting great reviews, and for good reason. Liz Skitch is naughty, but nice, and her mischievous sense of humour and cheeky smile let her get away with just about anything. She delivers her comic dialogue with a relaxed ease, as though chatting to a roomful of old friends and close confidantes, complete with ongoing musical accompaniment, of sorts. She also slips in a few very funny songs along the way as she recounts tales of her mother and other members of her family, her love life and her travel experiences through Japan, Europe and Africa. She even includes a sing-a-long. There is a goodly amount of innuendo and double entendre, and the occasional socio-political comment, but it is all good, clean, well, perhaps not that clean, but it is definitely fun.

The first night audience loved her roguish stories and were very responsive to her clever dialogue. There is clearly a razor sharp mind at work beneath that cascade of curly blonde hair as she takes a comedic look at people and events happening around her and reinterprets what she observes in an extremely funny evening of high quality entertainment. You will laugh, sing, cheer and applaud, and then you will sing her praises.

Be sure to get along to this intimate venue and enjoy a glass or two with Liz Skitch this week.

Reviewed by Barry Lenny, Arts Editor Glam Adelaide.

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