Slyther-In To This Wizard Themed Hotel Suite

The Windsor Hotel, which is two minutes from the Princess Theatre and the most anticipated play of the year, has revealed a rather magical suite.


With one of the most anticipated plays of the year, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, now being performed at the Princess Theatre in Melbourne, we’re assuming loads of South Australian fans will be making their way over.

If you’re going to make the trek then it’s only natural to want to get the full experience. Lucky for you, The Windsor Hotel, which is two minutes from the Princess Theatre, has revealed a rather magical suite.

The Wizards Suite has been entirely transformed to teleport guests into a spell binding universe.

Plush rugs and vintage luggage trunks and furniture fill the room, dotted with officially licensed merchandise from a certain magical universe. Wands, officially licensed artwork and other magical items.

As a heritage hotel, The Windsor, with its wide, richly-carpeted corridors, old lift grills, and grand staircase will totally give you a magical vibe.

The suite is the only one of its kind in Melbourne, but if you’re thinking of booking, maybe stop by Gringotts cause mid-week stays start at $699 and Fridays and Saturdays start at $899.

They’re taking bookings from now till Tuesday 31 December, click here for more info.

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