Smartcard – The Next Big Ticket Item For Public Transport

tramTransport Minister Patrick Conlon today announced the State Government has awarded a $30 million contract to secure a state-of-the-art smartcard ticketing system for Adelaide’s growing fleet of buses, trains and trams.
Mr Conlon says the new ATLAS ticketing system is an integral part of the State Government’s $2 billion decade long investment in public transport infrastructure. “In many ways this is the glue that binds our investment and a crucial element of the overhaul of public transport in this city,” he said. “Our current ticketing system has been in place for nearly 24 years – it has served us well but it is time to replace it as we continue our massive public transport revitalisation.
“The new ATLAS system will make boarding trains, trams and buses simpler and faster, therefore improving the efficiency of the entire network. “The technology works by simply touching the smartcard against the validator on the vehicle and a fare will be deducted. “Smartcards can be ‘topped up’ or reloaded at stations, vending machines, retail outlets, on trains and trams and the internet.

“We expect to see the new smartcard ticketing system in operation by 2013 in time for the commencement of electric rail services in Adelaide. “The wellbeing of our passengers remains a priority and we expect the existing system will continue to operate satisfactorily until the new system is fully commissioned.

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