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SNAP/SNAP Introduces The GLAMBOOTH, Adelaide’s Photo Booth Experience Straight From LA

Live the glamorous lifestyle of the rich and famous during your next big event with the GLAMBOOTH — the ultimate photo-booth experience that is like having a personal, professional photo studio right there with you.


Any event worth its weight requires a photo booth. That is a biblical fact. Okay, we’re exaggerating but photo booths are a great way of upscaling your event and giving guests a physical reminder of what fun they had.

The cute photo strips often stamped on the walls of your room, or held between books, immediately transport you to that time. And generally the Adelaide photo booth scene has been trodding along safely, with a few companies hiring them out.

Now one Adelaide company is changing how we experience photo booths, and they’re doing it by launching a booth often seen in the hottest Los Angeles parties, with the likes of Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid using them for their parties.

Adelaide company, SNAP/SNAP has launched the GLAMBOOTH.

Launched in 2013, SNAP/SNAP, founder Danny van der Nguyen, originally saw a gap in the market for photo-booth packages with great quality, great customer service that’s at an extremely affordable price.

The OPENBOOTH was SNAP/SNAP’s first classic photo-booth, followed by the GIFBOOTH, which offered a more interactive experience that also catered towards their more corporate clients.

More recently, the GLAMBOOTH has launched, which is what we’re really excited about.

“Every now and then, I get an urge to shake the industry up a bit,” Danny says.

He recounts a wedding client requesting a customised photo booth package to produce large prints (as opposed to the usual strips) and for everything to be completely in black and white.

“When we asked her what inspired her to have her booth customised this way, she said she wanted a photo-booth experience like Kendall Jenner in LA. We did our research after the event and realised it was a huge thing in the LA photo booth scene.”

There was nothing quite like that in Adelaide, so Danny and the team at SNAP/SNAP took it upon themselves to perfect the concept and offer it, “at a fraction of what it costs in LA.”

What is the GLAMBOOTH exactly? Danny calls it their ultimate photo booth experience.

“It’s more like having a personal professional photography studio. It creates the perfect amount of highlights and shadows on your face, which makes everyone look absolutely stunning,” Danny explains.

“The skin becomes flawless, the jawlines are tapered, and the black and white makes everything look timeless.”

The GLAMBOOTH prints only in black and white, and allows for two template options — one full sized image or 4 images on a single large print.

All of the prints have a custom insignia in the top right hand corner which SNAP/SNAP design for their clients. It also comes with a white high-tension backdrop so that the focus is directed only on the booth users.

Every element of the GLAMBOOTH has been designed with excruciating detail to ensure the perfect, most glamorous experience.

“The entire user interface has been redesigned from scratch and we knew that we wanted a really elegant voice over for the voice over instructions,” Danny tells us.

“We interviewed several voice-over artists from the UK before going with the one we have. She truly adds a new dimension to the experience, she makes everyone who uses the booth feel like a superstar.”

Graduating university and working as a full-time engineer, Danny says that making the switch to owning a full time business was initially a struggle, noting the loss of the stability that comes with jumping into the unknown.

“I was a good engineer, but I wasn’t great,” Danny says. “I just wasn’t as passionate as I would have liked to be and I didn’t want to look back and think that I spent the majority of my time on something I didn’t love.”

“I love working on new projects at SNAP/SNAP, it almost doesn’t feel like work to me, which sounds clichéd,” he says.

“If you like what you do the risk isn’t scary, because won’t want to quit.”

SNAP/SNAP is the epitome of a local success story; a discovery of passion that’s also introducing Adelaide locals to the most glamorous of photo booths (and that’s something Glam Adelaide can get behind).

For more info about the GLAMBOOTH and where to book, check out SNAP/SNAP’s website at

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