SNEAK PEEK: Ballers Clubhouse set to touch down in Adelaide this July

Want a sneak peak into Adelaide’s newest premier immersive adult entertainment venue? See what’s in store here.

In July, Adelaide will welcome the debut of Ballers Clubhouse, Australia’s premier immersive adult entertainment venue.

Ballers Clubhouse, a part of the Superverse Group, will be housed within the historic Ruthven Mansion on 21 Pulteney Street in Adelaide’s CBD, spanning over 700 square meters and breathing new life into the heritage-listed structure.

This expansion signifies a significant milestone for the brand, which has experienced rapid growth following the success of its flagship venue in Melbourne CBD and subsequent launch in Carlton, driven by overwhelming demand.

Ballers Clubhouse introduces a distinctive multi-game concept that distinguishes it within the competitive social entertainment sphere. Offering a diverse range of games such as shuffleboard, ping pong, and interactive darts, patrons can expect a fresh experience with each visit. Leveraging cutting-edge technology developed by the Superverse Group’s subsidiary, Good Time Tech, every game promises not only engagement but also an elevated experience beyond conventional automated scoring systems. For instance, the pioneering “footy darts game” seamlessly blends physical dart throwing with a simulated footy field display, delivering an innovative and interactive encounter complemented by live footy prize giveaways.

“Our mission has always been to redefine socialising by combining immersive tech gaming with a vibrant nightlife atmosphere,” says Josh Lefers, co-founder of Ballers Clubhouse.

“Our Adelaide venue is designed to keep guests engaged for hours through the ultimate multi-sensory experience of posh food, delectable cocktails, immersive games and driving music. It’s like a reverse escape room—because you don’t want to leave.”

The venue’s cutting-edge design is a standout feature, boasting a globally appealing concept meticulously crafted to offer an immersive and Instagram-worthy experience, aimed at optimising customer enjoyment and time spent at the venue. Spearheaded by co-founders Josh and Steve, the carefully curated aesthetics ensure that every corner of Ballers Clubhouse presents a picture-perfect moment, resulting in an average guest stay of four and a half hours.

Guests can anticipate discovering unique features such as a birdcage ball pit with karaoke, a towering ping pong tree, a mirrorball loveseat, and other delightful surprises. Enhancing the extended stay experience is a “posh nosh” kitchen, offering elevated bar dining served directly to guests’ tables or booths, ensuring uninterrupted enjoyment “in the game.” The bar will also boasts an impressive array of 36 beer taps and a curated selection of exceptional cocktails, further elevating the overall experience.

Ballers Clubhouse isn’t just for casual social gatherings; it’s a top choice for SMEs and corporate events, team-building activities, and special occasions like group outings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and romantic evenings. Its ability to combine fun with productivity makes it a valuable asset for corporate event planning, fostering social responsibility and team unity.

With the resounding success of their Melbourne venues, Josh and Steve, along with co-founders Simon Jones (formerly of Funlab) and Chris Roberton, are leading the way in adult competitive socialising in Australia. The opening in Adelaide marks the first of four new venues planned for this year, reflecting their rapid expansion driven by innovative strategies and market leadership.

“We feel honoured to bring Ballers Clubhouse to Adelaide ahead of other major cities,” Josh said.

“We see this as the perfect time and fit, given the city’s meteoric rise in hospitality and entertainment, inclusive of incredible offerings such as AFL Gather Round, LIV Golf and the long-running Fringe Festival.

“Launching in Adelaide as our first interstate venue feels like a true catalyst in our vision to redefine social entertainment by creating spaces where people can connect, compete and celebrate in an unforgettable way!”

Ballers Clubhouse
: 21 Pulteney Street, Adelaide
When: July

For more information, click here.

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