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Snorkel with Leafy Seadragons in Second Valley

If you’ve always dreamed of ticking snorkelling with seadragons off your bucket list, now’s the perfect chance to with a unique Second Valley experience.

All images: Experiencing Marine Sanctuaries

If you’ve always dreamed of ticking snorkelling with Leafy Seadragons off your bucket list, now’s the perfect chance to!

South Australia’s premier guided snorkel tour organisation, Experiencing Marine Sanctuaries (EMS), has announced a day long snorkel opportunity at Second Valley on January 15. 

Second Valley is a unique South Australian destination you cannot help but fall in love with – the beautiful rolling hills on approach, the incredible bay beach area and caves to explore. 

Off land, it’s a renowned and a popular site through its wealth of incredible marine life including the spectacular but rather elusive Leafy Seadragon. 

One of the best ways to see one of these beautiful creatures is to go snorkelling – and to know what to look out for once you’re out in the water.

Leafy Seadragons are a ‘must see’ for the majority of people who love to snorkel, making this exciting opportunity from EMS, a hot ticket item that will sell out fast.

In the 90 minute session, all small group snorkel tours are led by nationally accredited snorkel guides who are often accompanied by both student and qualified marine biologists.

The snorkel tours are run from the shore in water no deeper than 5m making them suitable for anyone 5 years and above who can swim at least 25m.   Groups will be broken up to match ability and experience, with family and friends grouped together.

They will be brought to the jetty and seagrass beds home to the blue devilfish, allusive leafy and weedy sea dragons and explore an amazing variety of other colourful fish and plant life.

Ticket prices include snorkel gear and wetsuits for adults and children. 

Children under 15 years old must be supervised by a parent/adult with two children per parent/adult carer.

Tickets are $79 for adults, $49 for children and $39 for concession.

You can book tickets to this immersive exciting opportunity here.

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