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So It Turns Out Wine Is Apparently Good For Your Hair As Well

HASK Haircare has a range of haircare products infused with all types of wine to make your hair extra delicious.


It’s no secret that wine is fabulous thing, and now it’s apparently the answer to your bad hair days as well.

HASK Haircare, an affordable brand for hair health, has created a new range. Welcome, Unwined.

Inspired by the exotic flavours of white, rosè and red wines, as well as the bubbliness of champagne, HASK claims Unwined will be your hair’s new best friend.

Grapes, the key ingredient of our favourite beverage, hold the secret to treating our luscious locks. They contain the powerful antioxidant resveratrol which helps to nourish and restore hair, leaving it moisturised, frizz-free, stronger, whilst also adding extra shine.

So, get your hair drunk with the spritzer you fancy. Whether you want to detangle, hydrate or repair damaged hair, this wine inspired hair care could possibly have your strands covered.

Champagne Inspired Collection

For the ultimate style and shine, the champagne collection has four products each infused with champagne extract. HASK believes this bubbly collection will build volume and leave hair glowing with prices starting from as little as $8.99 from the Ulta Beauty website.

White Wine Inspired Collection  

With extracts from white wines such as sauvignon blanc and pinot grigio, HASK’s white wine range aims to leave hair soft and shiny. Deep conditioner packs start at just $3.49 with bottles of shampoo and conditioner costing $10.49.

Rosè Inspired Collection

HASK’s rosè range is targeted at those with coloured hair, helping to preserve colour whilst also maintaining hydration and strength. The dry shampoo starts at $6.99 with bottles of shampoo and conditioner costing $10.49 each.

Red Wine Inspired Collection

Extracts of pinot noir and cabernet sauvignon are included in the red wine collection, aiming to repair and nourish damaged hair. Deep conditioning sachets are $3.49 with shampoos and conditioners at $10.49.

HASK Unwined is available to purchase at Priceline Pharmacy.

To explore their full list of products, visit their website at

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