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SOHO coffee roasters & cafe opens with refresh

SOHO Coffee Roasters have reopened their doors with the same delicious coffees and a brand new food menu.

Tucked away on a little side street in Adelaide’s CBD, SOHO Coffee Roasters have been quietly going about their business, away from public view, over the past 12 months.

Luckily for those of us who love a good coffee on the way to work, they’ve thrown their doors open again, welcoming coffee lovers back into the heart of their operations from February 15th.

The warehouse roastery and cafe moved to the Addie Place location three years ago, after being based in Hindmarsh for the decade beforehand.

Each Summer, they’ve traditionally closed the cafe over the hotter months, but after they hit pause on the cafe over the 2019/2020 heatwave, COVID-19 rolled in, and they kept the cafe shuttered, to focus on the wholesaling side of the business.

Co-owners Steve Fulton and Jarrad Hand run both the SOHO Coffee Roasters business, and the cafe, in an environmentally conscious manner, and want to remain as sustainable as possible.

Their low key presence, in the back alley, reflects their love of speakeasy style businesses, and they’ve tried to keep the styling minimal.

The cafe has had a freshen up since it was last open, and they’ve now installed a kitchen to offer breakfast, and light lunches.

Expect chilli scrambled eggs, mushroom ragu, eggs benedict, and smashed avo on the menu and a ton of great grab & go offerings including croissants and bacon and egg brioches.

Their specialty coffee is treated with as much respect as they can, with everything purchased grain pro.

The Dark Horse blend is their most popular product and it’s ideal for those who love milk in their coffee with its dark chocolate tones.

The Barranidi on the other hand is what to go for when you’re opting for long blacks.

They’re also now pouring Colombia Rafael Amaya single and Kenya French Mission filtered coffee so you have plenty of options at your fingertips.

They also don’t roast more than 18kg at a a time, and only roast single blends. Any coffee blends that are done, are done post-roast, which gives much better results.

SOHO Coffee Roasters are now open, from 8am ’til 3pm Monday to Friday.

Find them at Addie Pl, Adelaide SA 5000.

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