Solar-run SA jewellery brand Days of August celebrates 10 year anniversary

The South Australian jewellery brand uses sleek stainless steel in their striking designs that have been featured in art galleries across the world.

Images: Days of August.

Sustainable South Australian jewellery brand Days of August has celebrated its 10 year anniversary this year with a complete refresh for the brand, whose signature style transforms industrial stainless steel pieces into lightweight, wearable sculptures, perfect for the sleek, minimalist fashionista who loves clean lines in their jewellery. 

Born in Canada, Marie-Pier moved to Australia in 2004 and honed her craft in Adelaide, finishing silversmithing classes at Adelaide’s very own Jam Factory, making the brand a true South Australian success story that has reached global audiences.

Pieces by Days of August designer and founder Marie-Pier Labelle can be found in galleries across the world included the Guggenheim and Museum of Art & Design in New York City, meaning a piece from Days of August is akin to wearable art. 

Through utilising materials not traditionally used in jewellery making Days of August pieces, that range from statement earrings, to brooches and hair accessories, are hypoallergenic, durable and require minimum after-care and up-keep, which was an important element for Marie-Pier throughout the design process. 

“The sustainability and durability of stainless steel made it much more appealing to me than precious metals. I need a metal that was going to support my desire to make pieces that would last both aesthetically and structurally” she says. 

The sustainable element of Days of August has always been critical to Marie-Pier, who implemented eco-friendly businesses practices at the company from its inception, using durable and reclaimed materials that are sold in recyclable and reusable packaging, offsetting the brand’s carbon emissions. 

Labelle even uses solar energy to run her studio and has launched a partnership with Ecologi to ensure her brand consistently contributes ecological projects around the world, ensuring her business is 100% carbon neutral. 

If you’re after a gift for your sustainable sister, friend or aunt, look no further than this local, unique brand, where you can feel just as good as your jewellery looks.

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