Someone Like U Productions present ‘Bitch Boxer’

‘Bitch Boxer’ follows Chloe’s struggle to find her place in a predominantly male world, leading the audience through her journey of sweat, heartache and tears.


Bitch Boxer21 year-old Chloe Jackson is from Leytonstone in East London. She is a boxer, and when she hears that the 2012 London Olympics are to include women’s boxing for the first time, she begins to prepare for the fight of her life. However, two life-changing events have left her shaken and battling emotional scars.

Bitch Boxer is an award-winning, one-woman show that follows Chloe as she struggles to find her place in a predominantly male world, and leads the audience through her adrenaline-fuelled journey of sweat, heartache and tears in search of a dream.

For Adelaide-born Sydney-based actor Jordan Cowan (Grace in the State Theatre Company’s production of The Dark Room for which she received Emerging Artist of the Year at the 2013 Critics Circle awards, as well as Best Female Performance at the 2013/2014 Adelaide Theatre Guide awards), seeing a show centred on a young woman with unyielding resilience and fierce determination was a welcome change.

“As a young female actor, the majority of roles I find myself auditioning for are one dimensional, they are the victim or unrealistically naïve”, Cowan explains. “Chloe is none of these things – she is complex, full of fire, she’s a fighter and on top of it all she is funny, really funny – these are the roles I want to play.”

In Chloe, we meet a character demonstrating physical and mental strength but who also speaks to the audience with an expansive, emotional truthfulness. She is an athlete with tremendous heart, warmth and intelligence.

“Bitch Boxer is essentially all the things I love about theatre – it’s raw, full of energy, funny yet heartbreakingly sad and ultimately, it smashes stereotypes on the head” says Cowan who believes that in 2015 the play is more current than ever.

Written by Charlotte Josephine, Bitch Boxer is fighting fit from sell-out runs in London, Edinburgh and Adelaide, and Cowan again teams up with award-winning director David Mealor, following their hugely successful collaboration in Flying Penguin’s Production of The Dark Room.

Mealor said he was thrilled to be working with Cowan again on a new play so soon after doing The Dark Room together.

This honest, touching show is must-see, punch-to-the-gut theatre about being young and dealing with life on the edge.

It plays at the Goodwood Institute from Wed 17 June 2015 through to the following Wed 24 June 2015.

Bookings can be made on-line at

Twitter– @Usomeonelike





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