Something For Everyone: A Royal Adelaide Showbag Rundown

With over 400 showbags to choose from at this year’s show, there is literally a bag for everyone!


Along with 70 very excited children we attended the Royal Adelaide Showbag Launch. The Royal Adelaide Show is back from 1st of September for 10 fun filled days. With over 400 showbags to choose from at this year’s show, there is literally a bag for everyone. The showbag pavilion can be a manic, overwhelming place so we’ve broken it down into smaller (more manageable) chunks which might help you pre-plan and avoid the stress of it all.

New showbags for the kids:

Dr Seuss, which includes his very famous hat from the Cat in the hat book. Keep your eyes out for those red and white hats around the showgrounds. Captain Underpants which includes a hard cover book for your kids to read. The Emoji showbag which comes with the poo emoji slippers, and an Emjoi hat! The ever popular Peppa Pig has had an upgrade, including a pink tutu skirt for your young princesses to wear around the showgrounds. The Paw Patrol showbag has also had an upgrade as well as the Hot Wheels showbag.

For teenage girls:

The teenage girl market has been taken care of this year with some exciting current new showbags. Tried and tested by my teenage daughter, of course. Including; Miss Coco, LeTan, the Paris Hilton Fragrance showbag that includes some of Paris’s famous products. This one is sure to be very popular and is full of value, Dolly Magazine and Roxy has joined forces to create their very first showbag! For only $25 this is sure to sell out!

For adults:

Adults certainly haven’t been forgotten this year with the Higher Living Indulge your senses Tea Bag, the upgraded Better Homes and Gardens showbag and the very popular Mix 102.3 showbag that is full of South Australian samples to taste as you walk around the showbag hall. And what has to be the most popular showbag for us adults, the Charlesworth Nuts showbags, are celebrating 30 years with the Royal Adelaide Show. Their mammoth Showbag is returning this year after its debut in 2016. For $50 you get a bag full of yummy nuts, chocolate coated nuts and sweets and plenty more!

For sporting fans:

For the sporting fans you will find the new Stella Athletic showbag that has a mixture of alth-leisure wear and beauty and health products to peak your interest. Adelaide United were not included in the showbag hall in 2016 but they are back in 2017 with a bumper new improved bag, so make sure to check them out.

Here is our top 10 list for value in showbags

  1. Adventure Time Showbag $26.00- which includes lots of quality items that your children can keep including an Adventure Time drinking glass.
  2. Emoji Showbag $28.00- includes lots of on trend items for your emoji crazed kid including some ‘poo’ emoji slippers which are sure to make everyone have a good laugh.
  3. Beanie Boo Showbags- ranging in price from $25-$30- these bags include lots of the cute little critters that your little one likes to collect and enjoy.
  4. Star Burst Family Sharing Bag- $20- includes 6 large bags of your favourite sweet treats from Star Burst.
  5. Darrell Lea Pig Out Bag- $20
  6. Foodland Gourmet Goodie Bag- $20
  7. Doctor Who- $26- including a Tardis backpack!!
  8. Liquorice Lovers Showbag- $10
  9. Monster Wheels Showbag- $40- which includes your own monster wheels car.
  10. Wizz Fizz Mega Fizz bag- $16.50- packed with lolly pops, wizz fizz cones, wizz fizz packets and plenty more!

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