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SOMNIA at Gluttony explores narcolepsy & the drama of dreams

SOMNIA explores what it’s like to have Narcolepsy and the range of dreams that goes with it.

Featuring a female-driven cast of aerial, burlesque and cabaret performers, SOMNIA is a new, late-night show about sleep, debuting at Gluttony this Fringe season.

The show is inspired by producer Rebecca Castaldini’s journey living with narcolepsy, a sleep disorder that “disrupts arousal.”

Symptoms of narcolepsy include extreme and vivid dreams, night terrors, hallucinations, sleepwalking, and constantly falling asleep at times when you should be awake.

Upon sharing her experience of Narcolepsy with the cast, Rebecca discovered lots of the other cast members had experience with things like nightmares and lucid dreams, so were one hundred percent on board with the direction of the show.

The name SOMNIA orginates from Roman Mythology; the God of Sleep had a thousand children, known as Somnia (sleep shapes), who took on different forms to visit people during slumber.

Among these children were Fright and Fantasy, who was married to Hallucination and Relaxation. His siblings included Death and Destiny, so Somina is destined to be a dark and brooding show that will delight and perhaps, at times, frighten.

Dreams have inspired much art throughout history and to this day still mystify scientists, scholars, mystics and the everyday human.

Dreams can often be frightening, sometimes delighting, and at other times extremely confusing, and these sensations are what Somina brings to the stage.

As Rebecca says, there is no rest for the wild or wicked, or for people with Narcolepsy (although they sleep a lot).

Tickets start from $15 and can be purchased via Fringe website here.


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