Sookii La La Opens First Bricks And Mortar Store

And they’ve got $3 coffees for the rest of the week to celebrate!

Rejoice all Sookii La La lovers! You no longer have to spend your days eagerly stalking the food truck online to find out just where you can get a taste of their amazing dishes (although we would happily follow wherever they go). Sookii La La have officially opened a physical store in Walkerville—which means you can satisfy your cravings at any time!

Have no fear—the food truck will still be up and kicking too. The team behind Sookii La La love to meet their customers at the various events and festivals they frequent, but this new home base gives them an opportunity to experiment and explore the kind of food they want to create and serve.

Currently, Sookii La La is focusing on breakfast and lunch, but once they settle in, they hope to liven up the nighttime foodie scene in Walkerville too with some feature nights!

For those of you who have never had the chance to enjoy the gloriousness of Sookii La La, the food is South East Asian inspired and specifically based on the team’s Cambodian and Laotian background (with a little bit of Thai and Viet influence mixed in).

The store serves up some of the usual dishes found dished up by the food truck, but you might want to pop in and be surprised too.

While you can expect some usual brekkie/brunch items, Sookii La La is also hoping to promote the traditional Asian breakfast by offering menu items like congee (a type of rice porridge) and noodle dishes—a typical breakfast in Asian culture!

You can find Sookii La La at 71 Walkerville Terrace in Walkerville. For the time being, they’re open Tuesday—Saturday from 8am to 3pm, but they’re also hoping to extend to Sunday’s in the future. That’ll be your weekend brunch plans sorted!

They’re also kicking off with $3 coffees for the rest of the week, so swing on by for some of the best South East Asian food and an awesomely priced coffee.

Keep up to date with the venue developments and the events and festivals Sookii La La frequent through their Facebook or Instagram.

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