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Soulful musical tribute ‘Whitney – The Greatest Love of All’ returns to Fringe

Powerhouse music ensemble Gospo Collective return to Fringe with the soul-stirring tribute to the Queen of Pop—’Whitney – The Greatest Love of All’.

Warm up the vocal cords because this year’s Fringe sees the return of an unforgettable tribute to the Princess of Pop, Whitney Houston, as Gospo Collective, under the direction of the acclaimed choral queen Charmaine Jones, brings back the hit show, ‘Whitney – The Greatest Love of All’ after a sell-out success in 2023.

Running from February 27th to March 11th at The Flamingo at Gluttony, this show promises to be a highlight of the Fringe, offering a powerhouse rendition that pays homage to one of the most iconic performers of our time, with Whitney’s timeless tunes, masterfully reimagined by Gospo Collective.

This year, the ensemble, backed by a 59-strong choir and a stellar house band, is ready to elevate the experience further, promising another round of showstopping performances that showcase Whitney Houston’s immense vocal range and the unique, gospel-esque choral harmonies that Gospo Collective is renowned for.

Charmaine Jones, the founder, director, conductor, and arranger of Gospo Collective, shares her enthusiasm for the project.

“Whitney Houston is a legend of her time and beyond; it’s been sheer joy reimagining this show for inquisitive new audiences and passionate Whitney devotees who we’re sure will be back for more.”

“The way Whitney set about creating soulful sounds and lush textures with harmony—something instilled in her as a child singing back-up to her mum in church—is closely tied to how Gospo loves to make music. Let’s just say we’re a perfect, but unpredictable match!”

From dancefloor hits like ‘Wanna Dance with Somebody’ and ‘So Emotional’ to soul-stirring ballads such as ‘I Will Always Love You’ and ‘Didn’t We Almost Have It All’, the show is packed with back-to-back classics.

“We’ve packed our one-hour show with back-to-back Whitney classics that will have the audience reminiscing, reflecting, and rejoicing in the magic of this late, great singer,” said Charmaine, who’s relished the challenge of building on the success of the show’s sell-out 2023 debut.

“This year, we’ve put our spin on another incredible collection of Whitney classics and added some fantastic new elements that really amp up the entertainment factor.”

In an exciting development, Gospo Collective has teamed up with Ryan and Angela Marveggio from the award-winning Empire Dance Studio, who have been working with Gospo Collective’s 60-strong ensemble, fine-tuning some new moves that will test far more than their vocal chords.

This partnership is set to captivate audiences with a mesmerising blend of choreography and live vocals, creating an inspiring vision that showcases the diversity of their respective art forms while fostering a sense of unity and celebration.

“It’s been so much fun collaborating with Empire Dance Studio, and all I can say is that, at some point in the show, the bodies on stage will start shaking their thing, and audiences can expect it to be epic!” said Charmaine.

‘Whitney – The Greatest Love of All’ is a must-see for anyone who loves Whitney Houston’s music, appreciates innovative musical arrangements, or simply enjoys a high-energy, soul-stirring performance. Whether you’re a longtime Whitney fan or a newcomer to her music, this show offers something for everyone, making it a perfect outing for families, friends, and music lovers of all ages.

“What last year taught us was how much people, young and old, love the sounds and soul of Whitney Houston—and the way Gospo Collective puts our unique twist on her tunes,” said Charmaine.

The memory of Whitney Houston continues to shine through her music, which still blasts the airwaves today, reinstating that Ms. Houston will always be the Greatest Love of All. Gospo Collective’s tribute celebrates Whitney’s lasting legacy, is an opportunity to experience her music in a new light, and a reminder of the power of live performance to bring people together.

Don’t miss your chance to experience this incredible tribute to the Princess of Pop! Grab your tickets now via the link below and experience Gospo Collective’s ‘Whitney – The Greatest Love of All’ at this year’s Fringe.

What: ‘Whitney – The Greatest Love of All’.
Where: The Flamingo, Gluttony, Rymill Park.
When: Tue, 27 Feb – Mon, 11 Mar
For tickets and further info, click here.

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