South Aussies rally to make FruChoc Appreciation Day a recognised public holiday

Over 1,500 Adelaidians both near and far have rallied together to turn the iconic FruChoc Appreciation Day into a public holiday for all South Aussies.

A public holiday in the name of chocolate? Sounds good to us. 

The team at Robern Menz and over 1,500 other South Aussies both near and far have called on the SA Premier to turn the iconic FruChoc Appreciation Day into a public holiday for all South Australians. 

With FruChoc Appreciation Day on our doorstep, Robern Menz CEO Phil Sims believes it’s the perfect time to take annual celebrations to the next level.  

“Who doesn’t love a day off work almost as much as we all love FruChocs?” he said. “There’d be no having to answer the phone or deal with annoying colleagues, you could be solely focussed on the most important thing at hand – stuffing FruChocs in your mouth.”

“So we’ve started a petition. Will it work? If enough people sign our petition, who knows?”

“If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the last ten years of having FruChocs Appreciation Day, it’s that people really love an excuse to dig in and enjoy more FruChocs than usual. Even a few state premiers over that time have given it the official two thumbs up.”

“Stranger things have happened. But either way, we think it’d be un-South Australian of us to not at least give it a shot. And un-South Australian of our fellow FruChocs lovers not to have a bit of fun by signing it.”

Held on 1 October, there’s no better way to celebrate the sweetest, chocolate-covered apricot day of the year than with a lie in and a day off.

Sign the petition via the Change page here.

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