South Aussies shiver as freezing temperatures plunge below zero

Temperatures in SA’s city and regional areas experiences a drop in temp that made getting out of bed this morning harder than it already is.

The wild and woolly winter weather is in full force again this week, as temperatures continue to get colder across South Australia. Thunderstorms are forecast for Wednesday due to a low-pressure front intensifying on its route to southern South Australia.

The Eyre Peninsula to Adelaide and the south-east will receive falls of 15 to 30mm, with the potential for localised flash flooding in some areas, according to the BOM’s Senior forecaster Angus Hines:
“But by and large, it’s a good news story, with rain hitting parts of the country that do want rain, even if it comes in quite heavy for some.”

After a chilly weekend, which brought many parts of Southern Australia our coldest days of the year so far (and in some cases, coldest June temperatures on record), the atmosphere shows no signs of popping in a summery day any time soon.

We’ve already experienced a morning that was teeth-chatteringly cold, with a low of 3.2C recorded on Monday morning. This makes getting out of bed in the morning harder than it already is.

Alas, city dwellers, don’t complain to your rural friends. They’ve been enduring temperatures well below zero.

In the opposite direction, locals of the Limestone coast saw temperatures plummet below zero as well. In Keith, it was freezing at- 1.9C, and in seaside Robe, it was even colder at -2.1C. Both were recorded at 6:00 a.m.

Thursday will see patchy rain, with Adelaide’s coolest max temperature for the week of 15C. This dip in temperature is set to continue for the rest of the week, with Saturday seeing a minimum of 6C.

Our chilly mornings are also set to continue “…quite a long time, actually”, according to Mr Hines.

With these frosty temperatures, South Aussies should continue to rug up and keep warm!

Across the State, a stash of venues are doing their utmost to keep customers toasty warm this Winter.

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