South Australia’s first ever Starlight Express Room is Launched

Kieran Perkins, Starlight National Board and Keith Conlon Adelaide Crows Foundation Chairman

The Starlight Children’s Foundation held its official launch for South Australia’s first ever Starlight Express Room (SER) at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital today.

Louise Baxter, CEO of the Starlight Children’s Foundation, said the development of the new SER is vital to transforming the hospital experience for thousands of children each year.

“In the order of 19,000 child admissions are made to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital each year and the Starlight Express Room is incredibly important in supporting the well being & resilience of these children, enabling them to have fun and be distracted from the pain & stress of their illness and treatment,” she said.

“The new Starlight Express Room will be integral to the total care delivered by the Women’s and Children’s Hospital every day and will become a hub of fun & distraction for hospitalised children of South Australia.”

Phil Robinson, Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, said the generosity from the Starlight Children’s Foundation and the community to bring the SER to South Australia has been outstanding.

“We are so thankful for the hard work, time and energy that has gone into providing seriously ill children and their families, a fantastic medical-free haven where they can enjoy being children again.”

More than 70 people attended today’s launch including Rear Admiral Kevin Scarce AC CSC RANR- Governor of South Australia, Starlight Children’s Foundation ambassador Kieren Perkins and business leaders from many of South Australia’s high-profile organisations.

The Women’s and Children’s Hospital is one of the last major paediatric hospitals in Australia to open an SER, and it has set a new benchmark for Starlight Express Rooms around the country.

Photos by Domrad Photography

David Knox Santos and Katrina and Sam Davies

Rodger Coventry Bianco Trade Wholesalers and Anne Johnston, Starlight Children’s Foundation

Frederick Boussard, InterContinental Adelaide and Helen Martin Clubs SA and Mike Papangelis, Blackhorse Foundation

Peter Cleary, Santos and Kieren Perkins, Starlight National Board and Stuart Symons, Santos

Tony Maiello, Starlight Advisory Board and Daniel Minuzzo

Danielle Pager, SA Advisory Board and Frank Filosi SA Advisory Board, Jake Parkinson Lion Nathan

Helen Martin, Clubs SA, Julie Mullen Starlight Children’s Foundation, Tom Jones, Street Commodores Charity Cruise

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