South Australia’s home of the One Day Holiday

Jetty Road GlenelgThere is something about being by the ocean that makes you feel like you’re on holidays, even if you’re just buying a pair of shoes or enjoying a glass of wine.  A quick trip to Jetty Road, Glenelg, highlights this perfectly, and so it makes sense that the new branding and promotional campaign for the destination revolves around this idea.

Working with South Australian agency The Kingdom, the Jetty Road Main Street Board are undertaking a campaign to market the location as a hub for shopping, entertainment and relaxation for both South Australian’s and tourists alike.

The Kingdom Managing director Adam Steinhardt said it is an exciting opportunity to work on promoting one of the premier tourist destinations in South Australia.

“Jetty Road has all the elements of being a fantastic destination – great shops and food at a convenient and beautiful location,” said Adam Steinhardt.

“The strategy centres around the sentiment of the seaside destination and will consist of a number of key elements to inspire tourists and South Australians alike to visit the area at any time of the year,” Adam said.

“This is what sets Jetty Road apart from other retail and dining destinations.

“When you visit Glenelg, even just for a quick trip, you really do feel like you’ve escaped and had a taste of holidays,” said Adam.

“We believe this feeling will resonate with most people, and so we will be encouraging everyone to take a one day holiday as a key part of our promotional activity,” said Adam.

Accompanying the catchy phrase is a new logo, based on the iconic old tram-style font. Together with stunning location photography, the new campaign will inspire South Australian’s to reconnect with this iconic location and place Jetty Road as a must on the tourist agenda.

“A big part of what we hope to achieve is to encourage South Australians to visit Jetty Road and discover how much it’s changed, said Sue McKenzie, Jetty Road Mainstreet Board Manager.

“With an increased number of shopping outlets and the best retail hours in the state, Jetty Road is now so much more than a place to visit in summer for an ice cream,” said Sue.

“We’re really excited about working with the Kingdom to assist us in driving growth and prosperity to the area.”

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