South Australia launches grants to champion Autism inclusion across the community

South Australia is leading the way in autism inclusion with a $250,000 grant program, “Autism Works in the Sector,” supporting 17 local organizations to enhance community participation and awareness.

The State Government has introduced an initiative named “Autism Works in the Community,” a grants program that empowers autistic individuals and promotes inclusion across South Australia. This initiative has allocated approximately $250,000 to support 17 South Australian organisations to champion autism inclusion projects within the community.

The initiative aligns with the State’s First Autism Strategy, coming after the establishment of the government-funded Office for Autism. This office is dedicated to guiding autism-related policies and engagements.

Emily Bourke MLC, Assistant Minister to the Premier and Assistant Minister for Autism, spoke about the grants, saying, “Building knowledge, understanding and belonging – these are the core principles that underpin these new grants and all of the Malinauskas Labor Government’s autism initiatives.” She noted the proactive measures the government has taken, such as more than $4 million invested in creating an Autism Inclusion Charter and the launch of the “AUTISM WORKS” employment campaign.

Among the recipients of the grants, projects include the construction of a sensory space at Adelaide Oval, with a grant of $37,719 allocated for the completion of this inclusion project by next year’s Gather Round. This initiative will make Adelaide Oval a more inclusive venue, catering to visitors with sensory needs. “Ensuring Adelaide Oval is a welcoming place for all guests is a constant priority and this grant enables us to take the next important step in creating a permanent sensory space,” stated Nick Addison, CEO of Adelaide Oval.

Another recipient, Spectrum Writing, received $5,862 to support the publication of a printed anthology featuring works by autistic writers. “At Spectrum Writing we guide autistic writers towards a creative profession, and with the support of the Assistant Minister and the Office for Autism we are now able to fund the publication and launch of our participants’ first ever volume of work,” said Jason Fischer, CEO/Founder of Spectrum Writing.

Additionally, Beach Road Wines has collaborated with Autism SA to enhance their inclusive tourism offerings with a grant of $2,200, demonstrating the program’s wide-ranging impact across various sectors.

Further details on all projects and grant recipients can be accessed through the Office for Autism’s website, providing comprehensive information on the supported initiatives and their objectives.

This ambitious program aligns with South Australia’s higher-than-average participation of autistic individuals in the NDIS. With over 41% of South Australian NDIS participants being autistic, these grants are poised to make significant and positive changes, enhancing the everyday experiences and opportunities available to autistic individuals within the community.

For additional information, updates, and details on the “Autism Works in the Community” grants, individuals and interested parties are encouraged to visit the official Office for Autism website.

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