South Australia Making Strides In Same-Sex Recognition

South Australia Making Strides In Same-Sex Marriage Recognition

The South Australian Parliament has passed two massive bills that recognise same-sex marriages for those within SA and from overseas


It’s a milestone day for the LGBTIQ community with the South Australian Parliament passing a important bill that will pave the way for recognition of same-sex marriages for both those within SA and overseas.

The Relationship Register Bill, which formally recognises same-sex marriages, follows Jay Weatherill’s formal apology to the LGBTIQ community for the discrimination they’ve confronted and ‘to right many of the wrongs of the past’. This bill will also recognise same-sex next-of-kin and adoption rights. The SA parliament also passed the Gender Amendment Bill, which will make it far easier to alter one’s gender on their birth certificate.

South Australia is once again showing the importance of marriage equality to our community and both bills are a step in the right direction.

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