South Australia sign AUKUS pact with State of Maryland 

South Australia and the State of Maryland have signed Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on developing the skilled workforce required for the AUKUS.

South Australia and the State of Maryland have joined forces to cultivate the skilled workforce essential for the AUKUS program, as affirmed in a Memorandum of Understanding endorsed by Premier Peter Malinauskas.

The Premier formalised the MoU alongside Governor Wes Moore in Annapolis, Maryland, on Thursday.

Maryland stands as a key player nationally in defence, space, and cyber sectors, offering significant opportunities for collaboration with South Australia. With fifteen of the world’s top aerospace and defence companies situated in Maryland, the potential for synergy is robust.

Outlined within the Memorandum of Understanding are commitments from both states to:

  • Facilitate connections between local firms possessing mutual expertise in defence, space, cyber, and autonomous technologies.
  • Foster knowledge exchange and expertise sharing, both at governmental and commercial levels, concerning defence workforce development and skills enhancement.
  • Engage in trade and business missions between the respective jurisdictions.
  • Explore collaborative research and development initiatives.
  • Share access to public research infrastructure and information resources.

    The MoU with Maryland presents an opportunity for South Australia to bolster its skills base and workforce readiness ahead of the AUKUS submarine project’s construction phase.

    “South Australia and Maryland share a common interest in defence, space and cyber,” Premier Peter Malinauskas said.

    “We are both national leaders in these fields and it is in our mutual interests that we collaborate together.

    “My core focus of this trip to the United States is to strengthen our state’s preparations for the AUKUS submarine project, with a particular focus on developing the skilled workforce required.

    “This partnership with Maryland will ensure our government and our local businesses have greater access to the expertise in this state.

    “In addition, we can build upon the long-standing partnership between the University of Maryland and University of Adelaide, particularly on defence, intelligence and security matters.

    “As the home of the Australian Space Agency, it is important for South Australia to forge close links with NASA, the world’s leading aeronautical and space agency.”

    Maryland’s Office of International Trade and Investment delegates have previously visited South Australia to engage with Defence SA officials, notably during the Defence SA Business Mission in November of the preceding year, aimed at forging partnerships within the nuclear submarine sector.

    Further strengthening ties, the University of Maryland has a longstanding collaborative partnership with the University of Adelaide, focusing on defence, intelligence, and security initiatives.

    “South Australia’s dedication to innovation and technology, particularly the space and defence industries, make it a natural partner for Maryland,” Wes Moore, Governor of Maryland said.

    “We believe this expanded partnership with South Australia will keep both regions working towards the greater good, while boosting business in Maryland and abroad.”

    This latest agreement, inked in Annapolis, builds upon a 2019 MoU between the two states, predating the AUKUS pact.

    During his visit to Maryland, the Premier also toured NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre, a premier space exploration complex housing America’s largest collective of scientists, engineers, and technologists dedicated to spacecraft and technology development.

    Maryland’s status as the top U.S. state in median household income, research and development capabilities, and concentration of STEM jobs underscores its significance in driving innovation and technological advancement.

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