South Australia to get a $45 million tourism boost

The boost will include an investment in a new digital campaign that will attract international experience seekers and holiday makers to SA.

The State Government is planning to invest $45 million to market South Australia across the country and around the world to lure tourists back to SA.

The investment will be front-ended with $15 million in 2022-23 to provide additional support to tourism businesses as the state emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, with an additional $10 million per year across the forward estimates.

“As the world opens up again, it’s a competitive market out there as tourism destinations across the world compete for attention,” said SA Minister for Tourism Zoe Bettison.

“With our boost to tourism marketing, we’re ensuring South Australia will be front and centre when people are considering their next holiday.”

The marketing investment will be targeted at domestic and international markets with the express aim of luring tourists back to South Australia.

The boost will include an investment in a new campaign for South Australia that is distinct, creative and long-term focused and a significant investment in digital campaigning.

Global markets will be a specific target, including high-yield experience seekers and working holiday makers.

“Our tourism businesses have been hit hard over the past two years, with the visitor economy losing a quarter of its value,” said Premier Peter Malinauskas.

“South Australians have picked up the slack by exploring their own backyard, but borders are now open and it’s time to get interstate and international tourists back in SA.”

In December 2019, the SA visitor economy was worth $8.1 billion. By December 2021, the value of the visitor economy in South Australia had plummeted to $6.2 billion – a decrease of 24 per cent.

SA is starting to see the first signs of a tourism recovery, with average room occupancy hitting 79 per cent in April, the best month for hotels since the beginning of the pandemic.

“Tourism is one of the most significant sectors in our economy, and it’s arguably been hit harder than any other by the pandemic,” said Treasurer Stephen Mullighan.

“When we invest in tourism, we’re investing in growing jobs and growing our economy.”

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