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South Australian Distillery Launches World’s First Grenache Gin

The ‘Ginache’ contains Never Never’s award-winning Triple Juniper Gin and Grenache grapes picked from Chalk Hill’s Slate Creek vineyard.


Never Never Distilling Co. has released the world’s first Grenache gin, produced in the very heart of McLaren Vale.

The ‘Ginache’ contains Never Never’s award-winning Triple Juniper Gin and Grenache grapes picked from Chalk Hill’s Slate Creek vineyard, making this gin a single estate release. 

“We wanted to make a product that championed not only McLaren Vale’s most exciting varietal, but also celebrated the relationship we have developed with the Harvey family,” says Never Never Head Distiller, Tim Boast. 

According to Boast, the colour of the gin is “absolutely incredible” and goes from a deep red to a luminous, watermelon pink when mixed. 

“This gin bursts with red fruit character and makes a really yummy gin and tonic,” he says.

“I actually love it served just over ice with a slice of orange. The spice and bright citrus of our gin works wonderfully with the jammy raspberry brightness of the Grenache flavour.” 

Grenache has become an award-winning offering by Chalk Hill Wines, most recently picking up James Halliday’s top 20 Red Wines over $30 for the 98 point Chalk Hill Alpha Crucis Old Vine McLaren Vale Grenache 2018. 

The vines used for the Ginache were planted in 1989 in Biscay soils, renowned for growing premium Grenache grapes. 

“We wanted to use a varietal that really speaks of the amazing fruit integrity that can be found in McLaren Vale,” says Never Never Brand Director, Sean Baxter. 

“Grenache is an incredibly sustainable, hardy grape,” Baxter continues.

“We wanted to create a gin style that would be championed by locals and speaks of the wine produced in the region.” 

The Ginache Dark Series release is limited to less than 2,500 bottles and is expected to sell quickly.  

“The harvest we collected from Slate Creek was intentionally quite small,” says Baxter. 

Just like most gins that use grape to flavour the base, the colour and flavour of the gin will change over time. 

“We definitely recommend drinking this one while it’s fresh and the fruit character is at its most vibrant,” says Baxter.

“Over time the colour will deepen and the flavours will become more earthy.”

Pre-sales for the Ginache began on May 11 for Never Never subscribers and will go live May 18 for general customers.

A small volume will be reserved for guests visiting Never Never’s McLaren Vale home when it reopens in the coming months. 

Earlier in the year, Never Never Distilling Co. and Chalk Hill Wines opened McLaren Vale site, The Chalk Hill Collective.

The site combines a gin distillery and tasting space, a wine bar and a pizza kiosk run by Vera Pizza Oztalia. 

The site was only operational for five weeks before closing due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

You can pre-order the Ginache by becoming a subscriber of Never Never Distilling Co. here.

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