SA fashion brand Nowa The Label launches “transeasonal” new collection

SA fashion brand Nowa The Label has launched a new collection with a focus on affordable clothing made to be transeasonal.

Nowa The Label’s new collection, ‘Age of Exploration’ looks at staple garments through a different lens to create unique fashion pieces for your wardrobe. The new collection explores a cross between silhouettes and functionality. 

The Nowa flagship store held its first in-house runway during the collection’s launch party on Friday 9th of July, with three words explaining the brand’s key goals when creating this collection: practicality, versatility and passion. With increased focus on affordable clothing made to be transeasonal, Nowa has introduced new design elements such as cargo over-shirts with transferable pockets and matching cargo pants. 

While the new line’s original plan to launch with a concept store in James Place has been interrupted by a statewide lockdown, the new finds are still available online.

For designer Stuart Knowles, this collection embodies Nowa’s ideology of “Giving youthful elegance to a mix of traditional utilitarian styles and new durable fabrications.”

“We’ve taken time to reflect since our last collection, planning, curating and designing our own carefully selected textiles for purpose,” says Nowa director Adrian Dorsey. 

According to the company, the ‘Age Of Exploration’ is a stage that everyone goes through in their life. It pushes us into an unknown realm of excitement and anticipation, which is precisely what Nowa has attempted to capture with this collection. 

‘Age of Exploration’ is now available online.

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