South Australian game exhibition draws record crowds

The South Australian video game industry continues to reach new heights with our biggest video games exhibition attracting more than 2000 people this week.

Picture credit: Marc Sola

The South Australian Game Exhibition (SAGE) has shattered attendance records, welcoming over 2000 enthusiasts through its doors this past week.

Organised by the South Australian Film Corporation, the exhibition served as a hub for both seasoned and budding gamers to immerse themselves in the finest creations hailing from South Australia while connecting with the talented minds driving the industry forward.

The scope of creativity and innovation on display was incredible, with offerings spanning mobile, console, PC, and virtual reality platforms. Emerging indie studios rubbed shoulders with established names, underscoring the depth and diversity of South Australia’s gaming landscape.

“South Australia is home to incredible creative minds and our games sector is growing rapidly,” Minister for Arts, Andrea Michaels said.

“It’s amazing that more than 2000 people attended SAGE over the weekend and got to experience the innovation of local developers and learn how they too could enjoy a career in this exciting industry.

“I had the opportunity to play some of the games at SAGE and was blown away by the talent of our local game developers and I look forward to attending the event in 2025 when it will no doubt, be even bigger again.”

Now in its second year, SAGE boasted participation from 32 local game studios and developers, each vying for attention with their unique visions and gameplay experiences. Beyond mere entertainment, the event also offered insightful panel discussions, offering attendees a glimpse into the inner workings of the industry and pathways to pursuing a career.

Australia’s video game development scene commands a staggering $4.21 billion, with South Australia witnessing an unprecedented surge, growing at a remarkable rate of 47% annually—the fastest among its peers nationwide.

“In only its second year the SAFC’s SAGE: SA Game Exhibition has confirmed its place as South Australia’s premier event for digital game developers, enthusiasts and everyone in between, with the expanded 2024 program attracting more than twice the number of attendees at last year’s inaugural event,” SAFC CEO Kate Croser said.

“The SAFC created SAGE to champion and connect SA game developers directly with their audiences – the gamers, fans and the next generation of game developers, as well as providing essential networking opportunities for the industry.

“The SAFC is proud to be the state’s ‘all screen agency’, supporting and funding local video game development and production as part of our support for all segments of the state’s screen industry.”

The Malinauskas Government proudly supports the local endeavor through initiatives like the SA Video Game Development Rebate. This program, offering a 10% rebate to studios developing games within South Australia, serves as a beacon, fostering an environment conducive to innovation and growth.

For gamers, developers, and industry enthusiasts alike, SAGE wasn’t just an event—it was a glimpse into the future of gaming. As South Australia continues to carve its path in the digital landscape, events like SAGE serve as rallying points, uniting communities, and propelling the industry to greater heights.

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