South Australian living artists START young!

Most great artists start young. Are you one of them? Or do you know an aspiring young artist?


Most great artists start young. Are you one of them? Or do you know an aspiring young artist?

The Art Gallery of South Australia’s ever-popular program for children and families, START at the Gallery, celebrates South Australia’s living artists this month with a host of activities, tours, hands-on workshops and entertainment that take inspiration from the dreamlike world of artist Anna Platten.

The START guides will introduce the props, costumes and objects that fill Anna Platten’s paintings and drawings, and help children piece together clues about her life as an artist. Then it’s their turn to make a dreamscape collage that tells a story of their own.

In August they also celebrate the creativity of the young artists that participated in the START Art Prize with over 300 works of art made during the June and July START days displayed in the Radford Auditorium, with awards announced on the day, to coincide with the South Australian Living Artists Festival.

START at the Gallery: You’re a Living Artist is on Sunday 5 August from 12noon to 3pm and is presented FREE thanks to the support of The Balnaves Foundation.

 For further information visit or call 8207 7005.

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