South Australian McDonald’s Worker Tests Positive To COVID-19

Another family member related to the Adelaide Airport cluster has tested positive for COVID-19, this time a worker at the Fulham Gardens McDonald’s.

Eighteen people in South Australia have yesterday tested positive for COVID-19. There have now been a total of 385 confirmed cases in South Australia.

One of those diagnosed with the virus was a teenager who is a student at Henley High School. As such, the school has made the decision to close.

There has been no further exposure to other students at this point in time however contact tracing is underway.

It follows the Adelaide Airport baggage handler cluster expansion, which as of yesterday, has 13 related cases.

Yesterday, a Fulham Gardens Drakes Supermarkets employee tested positive to COVID-19, along with a Findon National Pharmacies employee, both of whom were related to people in the baggage handler cluster.

Today, Channel Ten announced that another cluster family member has tested positive, this time a worker at the Fulham Gardens McDonald’s.

Channel Ten posted, “It’s believed to be linked to a positive case at the Fulham Drakes supermarket, and both are believed linked to a case from Adelaide Airport and a case from National Pharmacies at Findon.”

More to come.


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