South Australian Museum Reveals New Digital Escape Room!


The South Australian Museum has revealed a world-first experience with a preview of their new game, The Shadow Initiation.

With the surging popularity of experiential entertainment, escape rooms and live-adventure games, the South Australian Museum has partnered with Adventure Mode, an Adelaide-founded company that specialises in adventure experiences designed to enhance existing attractions and sites.

We were given the chance to try out the game before the launch on February 13. Grouped in fours and given a tablet and a 20 minute timer, we were off to answer the questions the game asks.

Much like other escape rooms, the questions come in the forms of riddles and clues which contestants will find themselves briskly walking around the Museum to solve.

Okay so here’s the rules of the game:

  • A maximum of four players per tablet
  • You have one hour on the clock
  • There’s 40 challenges in total to complete
  • Get as many point as possible to join the Secret Order

The game is perfect for groups, competitiveness is encouraged as well as a keen mind. It’s a perfect outing for high school excursions and a fun twist of work parties.

The Shadow Initiation is a joint venture that will provide dedicated funds to progress the work of the South Australian Museum. By playing the game, visitors will be directly supporting ground-breaking research, world-class exhibitions and innovative educational and visitor experiences.

If you’re a member of the Museum, it’s $35 per tablet, and if you’re a visitor, it’s $39.

The Shadow Initiation will open to the public on February 13 2019. Tickets will be available online and in the Museum shop. Click here for more info.


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