South Australian space researchers assisting with medical breakthroughs

Microgravity research is allowing researchers to explore new frontiers in accelerated drug development and key insights into cell biology.

In a groundbreaking collaboration, two South Australian space industry companies, Cambrian Executive Pty Ltd and ResearchSat Pty Ltd, are joining forces to forge new pathways into space. This partnership is set to revolutionise the way local and international organisations engage in microgravity research, a field rapidly gaining traction in the scientific community.

Cambrian Executive and ResearchSat are combining their expertise to streamline access to space for businesses and organizations. This collaboration is particularly significant for those in the health and medical science sectors, as well as for those involved in the development of new materials. The synergy between these two companies is poised to unlock the potential of microgravity for pivotal research endeavors.

A landmark event in this partnership is the scheduled sub-orbital space flight of microbial payloads, set to launch in February 2024. This mission represents the first experimental venture under their new teaming arrangement, marking a significant milestone in their collaborative efforts.

Tiffany Sharp, the Director of Research and Development at Cambrian Executive, emphasised the evolving nature of space research. “Access to space for research in microgravity is rapidly becoming normalised. It’s now a simple question of logistics, no different to those familiar research considerations, such as transport and access to medical storage or laboratory facilities,” Sharp explained. She further elaborated on the expanding options for microgravity research, which include stratospheric, sub-orbital, and orbital methods, with the International Space Station and a variety of space labs in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) soon to be available. “We look forward to partnering with ResearchSat to develop new business and accelerate growth in microgravity research. Many people regard space as futuristic, but we’re demonstrating the capabilities available now, making medical and new product breakthroughs a reality today,” Sharp added.

RaviTeja Duggineni, CEO of ResearchSat, shared his enthusiasm for the collaboration, noting its potential to build on previous missions and expand access to microgravity research. “Microgravity research refers to the study of biological and physical processes in a weightless environment, such as space. This unique environment offers numerous advantages for researchers to explore new frontiers, including accelerated drug development and key insights into cell biology,” Duggineni said. He also highlighted the importance of understanding fluid dynamics in microgravity and its implications for advancing life-science technologies and therapeutics.

Cambrian Executive, a defence and space advisory and business development consultancy, is known for its focus on research and development. As an Australian veteran-owned business based in Adelaide, South Australia, Cambrian Executive is dedicated to driving rapid evolution in defence and space by navigating the complex landscape of these industries, teaming with innovative local and international partners.

ResearchSat, on the other hand, is committed to empowering space biology research with seamless, end-to-end solutions. They have developed CubeSats and payloads for life sciences and pharmaceutical research in microgravity environments. With a mission to explore the unique characteristics of microgravity, ResearchSat is working tirelessly to make space research accessible to all researchers and organizations.

This collaboration between Cambrian Executive and ResearchSat represents a significant leap forward in the field of microgravity research, promising to open new doors and create unprecedented opportunities for scientific discovery and innovation.

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